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    Can anyone give some advice on an RA, Distance Learning School that offers a MSW ?

    The only criteria is it has to be RA and no residency program.

    Any ideas?

  2. I recently found an online MSW at Canyon College. CC states it is accedited by Central States association. I haven't checked to see if that accreditor is a regional accreditor, and I don't have the URL. You'll haver to do a search.
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    Earon, Earon, Earon

    Dirty word.
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    Stay away from Canyon College. They are not RA, but rather close to being a diploma mill. If you don't believe me contact their admissions office and try to ask them legitimate questions about their accreditation. They hardly know what to say if they don't out right lie to you.

    good luck
  5. Jack Tracey

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    To my knowledge this combination of criteria, RA, DL, and MSW doesn't exist. It seems that you can get a BSW entirely by DL through the University of Alaska and you can get an MSW through DL at a number of foreign schools (technically not RA) but there are no programs that offer all three criteria. I knew a woman who got her MSW in New Zealand and was working in Massachusetts but I'm not certain of her license status. You'd have to check with the licensing board in the state where you'd want to practice in order to determine if they'd accept a foreign degree. The stumbling block frequently comes in the form of your clinical internships. Good luck,
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    I haven't been very successful in my searches....

    Thanks for all the feedback...

    [email protected] New Member

    Well, "Central States" certainly sounds like a region, doesn't it? But a Web search shows that the "Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools" "accredits" exactly 2 schools: Canyon College and Breyer State University.

    By contrast, the Commission on Higher Education of the genuine Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredits about 495 schools.
  8. Re: Earon, Earon, Earon

    Sorry, dude
    I've been away for awhile. I was wondering, though, because as far as I know social work by online seems a little off. I stand (corrected?)
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    Try Florida State University, Michigan State University and the University of North Dakota. Also the University of Washington and a few others. I don't know if they require residency. I believe the University of North Dakota requires none whether it is open for non state residents is a different story. Even if a school requires some limited residency, you can always quietly negotiate the residency requirements. Believe me it happens more often than the schools would have you believe.

    Good luck.
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    Actually this is an area that I have researched quite thoroughly. With Florida State, you have to be a resident of Florida. With Michigan State, it is advertised as DL, but not really. It seems like North Dakota requires state residency and then only beams video to certain locations within the state, as do a number of other programs (Central Missouri State, and one in Hawaii) The other consideration is that the school really needs to be approved by the Council on Social Work Education and Florida State is the only one that is DL and accredited by CSWE.

    Social Work programs are quite rigid and not very user-friendly. I would agree to check your state requirements as to how many hours are required, 60 is typical, and the field placement requirements, as well as RA and CSWE approved.
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    I revived this old thread after stumbling over a (new) program. While looking at Bioethics programs I discovered that Cleveland State University, in partnership with the University of Akron, offers a MSW degree program entirely through DL. I didn't explore deeply enough to answer questions related to internships but it seems that a sizable portion of their intruction occurs over the television. To me this would seem to indicate that you have to be a member of the "viewing audience" which means something in regards to 1) geographical location and 2) synchonous availability. Interested parties will need to investigated further.
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    See if anything here is helpful.
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    Good link Jimmy. It only supports what I was quietly thinking, that previous made statements on this forum regarding DL MSW degrees (by me especially) might not be so true today as they were several years ago. As DL grows in popularity, all lists of this sort should be taken with a grain of salt as they are likely to be outdated soon after they're published. A case in point is your own link which doesn't include the Cleveland program.
    Good luck to all (especially if you're going into Social Work - you'll need it)
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  15. Jack Tracey

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    I have no reason to believe that the program at Massey is anything other than a good, solid program. However, because Masters level Social Work is considered to be a terminal, professional degree, subject to licensure, it is frequently difficult to determine if the foreign origin of a degree would somehow interfere in the licensing process. This makes people especially cautious about such degree programs. My own case is a good example. I've just moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut. If my degree was from Massey and had been accepted by Massachusetts, there is no guarantee that it would be accepted by Connecticut. Regardless of these sorts of problems, the Massey program may prove to be useful for many and it was a good link for you to provide.
  16. Migara

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    Hi Jack,

    I guess all you can do is contact the relevant licensing authorities in your state/s to see if they would accept Massey University Degree towards the membership.


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    DL - MSW

    One well respected program is the Maritime School of Social Work of Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). They offer a BSW and MSW degree programs via DL, but they are restricted to "...residents of Canada as defined by Canada Customs."

    Rehabilitation Counseling has DL programs, can't understand why Social Work has been slow in implementing them. CSWE accreditation is important - maybe they are the stumbling block.
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    Re: DL - MSW

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    CSWE accreditation is paramount - can not be licensed in MOST states without this standard.



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