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    Yes, friends, it's another unbearable "Maniac may or may not do this" thread!!! :laugh2:

    I'm looking into getting a Master's in Mathematics. If there are any such threads on this site, they have been buried deep because I can't find them. From a Google search, I can find that there are some programs around, but I haven't found any that I would consider affordable.

    Do you know of any? I'll consider anything less than $20k, but the closer to $0, the better :bling:
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  3. Maniac Craniac

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    I like what I see from this program. A great variety of courses, plus it's the most affordable I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing!
  4. major56

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    Here’s a few to start with … didn’t check tuition rates.

    University of Texas-Brownsville: M.S. in Pure Mathematics Industrial Mathematics or Teaching Mathematics.

    University of Western Kentucky: M.A. Mathematics
    Online Master of Arts in Mathematics

    University of Houston: M.A. Mathematics
    Master of Arts in Mathematics (MAM)

    University of Washington: M.S. Applied Mathematics
    UW Online - Applied Mathematics Master's Degree

    University of West Florida: M.S. Mathematics and Statistics
    Mathematics and Statistics | University of West Florida

    Emporia State University: M.S. Mathematics (emphasize any of the areas of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, computer science and mathematics education)
    Master of Science Mathematics - Department of Mathematics, Computer Science & Economics | Emporia State University

    Oregon State: M.S. Mathematics
    Science & Mathematics Education -- Graduate Degrees & Programs -- Online & Distance Degrees -- Oregon State University Ecampus -- OSU Extended Campus

    Nicholls State: M.S. Mathematics
    Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

    The Open University: M.Sc. Mathematics
    F04 - MSc in Mathematics - Open University Qualification

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