Master's Degree transfer credits? Is there such a thing?

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  1. elenlushk

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    Are there any third party courses like straighterline or Saylor that work for the Bachelor Degrees that would apply to courses that count as credit for Master's Degrees? Or are all master's degree courses only meant to be taken directly with the school you study at?
  2. sanantone

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    You can transfer credits to many masters degree programs, but there aren't very many non-college courses that are evaluated at the graduate level by ACE or NCCRS. You can't use Straighterline or Saylor. Most people transfer graduate credits from other accredited colleges.

    Depending on what you want to major in, you can save money by taking courses through PBS Teacherline, VESi, Advancement Courses, and/or and paying one of their partner universities to have the courses transcribed as graduate credits. However, these courses are for educators, so they're most applicable to masters degrees in education.
  3. natureguy

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    Good point about education degrees, sanantone. PBS Teacherline, and others are great resources.

    I have successfully transferred masters-level content-area credits (i.e. not education credits) earned through and to a regional university. I have also transferred masters-level education (in education) from University of the Cumberlands and East Tennessee State University (in science) to a regional university. Catalog descriptions, syllabi, and written justifications from me were key in gaining transfer approval.
  4. Darkwaters

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    On my DANTES transcript for military service I had credit for six hours of graduate level work. I've never transferred the credit to anything, but I've always wondered if I should have pursued that better initially.

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