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    I’ve got my higher education as a teacher of physics in Russia. Then I attended for three years post-graduate courses on solid-state physics. After that I worked as a researcher, trying to get my master thesis defended. But because of financial problems I gave it up.
    Starting 1995 I am employed by UN as a computer specialist. For the last more than two years my duties include Local Area Network administrating.
    So, since I am full day working, I am looking for a possibility to obtain a Masters Degree in Computer Information Technologies studying on line.
    Does anybody know such an institution where I can reach my aim in a quick and not-costly way?
    Thank you in advance.

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    I hope and trust you'll get useful information here, Farit, since there are so many good options out there.

    Two of the contributors to this forum (Tom Head, Larry McQueary) have been the principal authors of books you might find useful, and which can be found in many libraries.*

    One is Bears' Guide to the Best Computer Degrees by Distance Learning (Ten Speed Press); the other is Get Your IT Degree and Get Ahead (Osborne McGraw Hill). The latter covers residential as well as distance programs.

    Best wishes in your quest.
    * My daughter's name and mine appear on these books, at the publishers' request. We did some of the work, and vetted the products, but the above-named gentlemen did much of the work.
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    Regis University offer an online MS in Computer Information Technology. Go here -

    Columbus State University - MS in Applied Computer Science - It says computer Science but a check of the curriculum tells me it ain't - it is nearer to your needs. track

    City University (Renton WA) - MS in Computer Systems

    University of Colorado, Denver CATECS program offers a MEng in Computer Science if you're interested, but you may have to attend a day for an oral defense, if I remember the details correctly. You have a lot of play to fashion a program to fit you needs.

    Back to IT and Southwest Missouri State University, MS Computer Information Systems

    Now, those options are not too cheap, but few CIS/IT master's programs in the U.S. are bargains.

    Take a look at the various Australian distance offerings. In Terms of U.S. dollars, these can be half to a third of the price of the equivalent US degree.

    This Master's in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University may be among the cheapest and quickest for experienced, qualified punters - This costs around US $5300 at current rates.

    Monash University offers three programs that might interest you:

    Master of Information Technology
    Master of Multimedia Computing
    Master of Network Computing
    (The Network Computing offering is really new and there's limited info - write to the program coordinator).

    but these more than are twice of the Chuck Sturt offering (but still significantly cheaper that the US offerings).

    Go here

    The University of Southern Queensland offers programs designated Master of Computing and Master of Professional Computing.

    The Master of Computing is for experience professionals with a first degree in Computing, while (counter intuitively) the Master of Professional Computing is designed to meet the needs of students with little or no background in computing. Both are offered externally with the Master's in Professional Computing wholly online via USQOnline.

    Costs are about US $7000 and US $6000 respectively.

    Go here:


    There are a bunch more programs available if you care to search the web for details - it's not difficult, info is generally current, and it's free. Check out Jonathan Liu's site - and go to the "Master's Degree in EE/CE/CS" page. In addition to engineering programs, there are a few of CIS degrees listed. Check's distance pages, searchable by subject.

    Jonnie's distance learning page -

    2) distance pages -
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