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    I ve already mentioned before that my english are not as they used to be.
    So replace the finishing with the "When". I did a direct greek to english translation, in this case I manage to change the meaning of the sentance :D.

    Yes I have a bachelor in Business Management. In Greece , bachelors have a different name thats why the "so called" .

    My job has nothing to do with my studies !! :D
    Because of the high unemployment rate, people tend to work in completely different area/fields from their education. It's not strange to see a uni. biologist, serve you coffee as a waiter. These are the side effects of a problematic economy.
    I explained the motives behind my decision to earn a master.

    You are right. I do not dissagree with you. But I feel a cheap & accredited second master is better than not having a second degree at all.
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    I can definitely understand the situation. Poland does not have such a high unemployment rate, but the salaries can be low across sectors of the local economy. As for working in an area unrelated to your major, that's a common occurrence. Some of the schools that were on the initial list might still be good options to consider. As I said, the licensed-only school won't give you much of an advantage in the academic world. But you may not need it for that purpose. It may still get a pass in the business sector. In the past, the multinationals frequently picked candidates from the top business schools, but some have recently dropped the degree requirement altogether! The working experience will count for more in the corporate world, so if you can even find some crappy and unpaid internship at one of these places, you might get more value out of that in the long-term. You can also try one of the quality certifications in financial analysis, or some other concrete area. That way, you will have more than just a general degree in management. However, the degree can serve as great foundation for your further specialization.
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    I appreciate your honest thoughts. Thanks a lot tadj.
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    Today is my anniversary (5 years on Degreeinfo).

    Ok, never mind! Carry on...
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    Oh, a glutton for punishment, are you?

    I guess no one responded since you said "never mind."
    But I could not let this auspicious moment pass without saying Happy Anniversary. :emoji_blush:
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    If you are planning to utilize your degree in Greece, you need to check if a foreign university degree is recognized in Greece.
    I know countries in Mediterranian that have a list of recognized degrees from overseas per country. Some US RA universities and most NA are not on that list. Some require minimum time on campus for example for a bachelor's degree the on-campus residence is 3 out of 4 years must be in residence setting.
    I didn't check how the recognition of foreign degrees is done in Greece so it will benefit you if you check the recognition status of the institution and the MBA program before enrolling.
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    The recognitions comes from a public service that is called Doatap. Check here :
    The US college list is huge and you are probably right.
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    Quote from the translated website:

    1) If a specific foreign HEI (Higher Education Institution) is not included in the list, [it] does not mean that it is not recognized...

    That said, the absence of nationally accredited U.S. institutions may point to a certain trend in evaluation in that country.
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    That's true but it might take a LOT of time because. As I read in some sites, almost 20000 applications are waiting for approval from recognised and not revognised (for now)unis/colleges. That's why they established a new public service , the SEAP, in order to be more effective.

    Their criteria change all the time.

    As for the distance learning method, the main site ~which is embarrassing bad disgned for a national NARIC...~ mentions that your degree must be up to the standards of the national one(EAP). In other words : a) the teaching must come from the staff off the university NOT from the company that co-operates with it, b) the duration of the programs must be equal to EAP's (at least 2 years for a master and 4 for a bachelor, c.) the examinations have to be in written morph or at least supervised from the educational staff.
    As for the educational staff, they have to be part of this uni/college or at least contractors to them.

    In the past, they were even more demanding!

    As I said in my previous posts, the private sector is quite unlikely to recognise your degree no matter how great it is.
    For sure they dont have the same demands.
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