Master of Theology vs Master of Arts in Theology

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    Hi all,

    I am a Spaniard who has been living in the UK for the last two years.

    I am considering doing a master in Theology via distance learning (most probably at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David), but I am not sure if I should do a Master of Theology (MTh/ThM) or a Master of Arts (MA) in Theology.

    The entry requirements are the same for both, and they both involve a similar coursework and a 15,000 words dissertation. The main difference between them is that the MA is focused on Biblical Interpretation (which I don't mind at all), while the MTh is more 'general'.

    Can someone help me to understand the difference between these qualifications? Would both give me the opportunity to do a PhD or to teach in higher education in the future if I want to?

    Thank you,

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    Dear Pablo,

    The standard for doctorate-bound students in the UK is the M.Th., which is the terminology people would expect. That said, if the M.A. in Theology has the same entry requirements and thesis, it would likely suffice. This is one of those fields where the degree nomenclature sometimes varies quite a bit between universities for equivalent courses of study, and sometimes means something quite different depending on what country you are in. I would suggest contacting the universities you might like to pursue a Ph.D. at someday to see what their faculty think of this, as one of them would be ‘sponsoring’ you and your proposed research to the admissions people.

    All the best,


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