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  1. Carlos Lorie

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    I have a very strong inclination to pursue a Master of Organizational Management degree from Southwest University. I would like your inputs before I fully commit. Here my situation:

    A. Federal government employee. (DETC is just fine)
    B. This will be my highest degree. (No problems of acceptance at RA university in the future)

    All inputs will be appreciated.

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  2. BinkWile

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  3. Messagewriter

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    RA is better


    Go RA if you can Carlos. My two cents.
  4. Dan Cooper

    Dan Cooper New Member

    If you decide you want to go RA, Fort Hays State University has a MLS in Organizational Leadership. At $164 a credit, it is cheaper than many DETC schools.

    Good Luck
  5. elisewrence

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    I'm planning on taking RA too. Any suggestions where can I find a great university with a high reputation?

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