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  1. I know! It makes me so sad. The library is such a wondrous place with endless possibilities. It's truly a shame that many schools are getting rid of them.

    I guess I'm kind of nervous to take on library science because I have often heard that it's a dying profession or libraries are becoming obsolete. I wanted to talk about my fears with a colleague who graduated four years before I did. She's currently a librarian, so maybe I should ask her and weigh the pros and cons?

    I liked the idea of getting a dual master's in library science and education. That way, career-wise, I can open some more doors. I guess I just have to decide if I'm going to take this leap of faith.
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    I can tell you in my community college system, there will be 3 library job openings after February 16th. Not sure it is dying. :)
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