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  1. Hey, friends!

    I'm so sorry to be posting this now, but I want to tell you what you've helped me with. I think this forum, and all of you wonderful people, are the reason why I feel so much more confident in myself and my dreams for school. Thank you so much, from my heart. :emoji_two_hearts:

    I went to the hospital again this morning for a panic attack. :( However, it was kind of serendipitous. It was the wake-up call that I needed. I have been teaching high school for seven years, and I think it's time to close that chapter and begin the next one.

    I thought really hard about a wonderful user here who asked me what do I want to do, where, with whom, and why. I actually wrote down my answers, but here's my truth: I just want to work with books and help people, maybe even kids. I'd love to share my love for the written word with the world.

    Anyway, as I'm recovering and resting, I was just watching "Family Guy" (LOL!) and researching different career options for English teachers. I was interested in learning more about library science. Here are my main questions.

    1. Which is the cheapest online degree? I was looking at Rutgers, but my goodness, it costs almost $30,000! :eek:

    2. Is there some type of program where I can get a dual master's in English and Library Science online?

    Thank you so much, my sweet friends. You have my deepest gratitude. Wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous 2023.
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    If you check out the sister forum, the user ashkir seems to be knowledgeable about what's needed for a library science degree. I'm not sure if anyone here is. Could be, but not sure.
  3. Thank you so much! :D
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    You'll want to pursue a program accredited by the ALA for the best marketability. There are quite a few online options. Here is the link for the searchable ALA program database. The link is preset for fully online programs. Most of these programs allow for various concentrations, but I was unable to find anything with an English concentration. However, I didn't look too thoroughly.
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  9. Hello, friend! I was going to explore which track I want to pursue. I would like academic librarianship, but I am also leaning towards K-12 librarianship as well. I'm just making a list of the pros and cons of each.

    Thank you so much for your response! I'll check out the sister forum. :)
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    Here's what I would recommend you skim through or review, there are a few MLIS/MLS programs that I would recommend, mainly for the out of state tuition rates are inexpensive.
    When I looked into MLIS/MLS programs, I looked at Valdosta $13K and Minnesota State $18K as both has a focus on Library & Info Science, and other cheaper options too...

    1) 2023 Most Affordable Online Master's Degrees in Library Science - OnlineU
    2) The 40 Most Affordable Master's in Library Science Online (
    3) Online MLS & MLIS Programs from ALA Accredited Schools (
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    I have a friend who was a HS math teacher. She got burned out and switched to becoming a media specialist. She didn't need an MLS for that. She is in a master's program but it's for educational technology.

    I almost went back to school to become a librarian a few years ago, but decided against it. The cheapest MLS program I found was San Jose State.
  12. Thank you so very much, everyone! I am so grateful for your help! I was interested in getting a dual master's degree, even though I already have an MA in Humanities from NYU.

    I found this wonderful program at Kent State University that has a dual master's degree in Education and Library Science. I just have a quick question: if I get this degree, will that mean I have three master's degrees total? :eek:
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    (1) Yes, you will. It says you graduate with an M.Ed. degree and a MLIS degree. Add your existing Master's and you have three.
    (2) This line, from the website: "The program is designed for students who do not already possess a teaching credential." You have one, I believe. Will that present a problem?
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  14. Oh wow, that's a lot of master's degrees. :eek: Lol! :p

    I do have a standard teaching license from New Jersey. I wonder if I can still apply to this program though. I will definitely call them tomorrow morning to find out.

    Thank you so much, my dear friend!!! :D
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    Ohh Kent State is well known and highly regarded in my area.
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  16. It sounds so wonderful. I love that I would be able to work in a library or an educational setting outside the classroom. I just want to open some more doors for myself. :emoji_heart:
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    Do you know much about the library job market in your area? In the school system I used to work, we did not have librarians at all. One of the buildings I worked in happened to have a library only because the building we purchased had a library - and they left behind the books). I eventually volunteered to set up the library, an online database, and requested free donations from publishers. But it was mostly self-service. I remember going to the library during the school day when I was a kid. It’s a shame that all schools don’t have them anymore.
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    I understand. Not before mine. I was 27 - just a few years older than those who were killed or wounded. History remembered is less likely to be repeated - I hope.
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