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    What are the recommended Master degrees in IT in this forum? I can't decide on one.To me the most important things are : money,time and reputation of the program
    Some other questions that I have :

    Anybody has any experience with WGU

    Online IT Management Degree | MS in IT Management

    If you have completed your master degree in IT online ,I'd love to hear your experience/suggestions/opinions etc.

    Thnx in advance.
  2. Michelle Carlos

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    It's time your career matched your potential. A master's degree in IT can get you the position and respect you deserve. An Online IT master’s degrees are highly respected—largely because the programs were developed by employers for the specific needs of the industry. When you graduate you can be certain you’ll have the skills and knowledge the workplace demands.

    My brother too has completed his bachelors in information technology and now he is planning to pursue his master or post-graduation in IT through online mode.

    All the best!!

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