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  1. Messdiener

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    I received an advertisement by email from Masstercursos. They are offering over a dozen programs at major discount. Each of the Master's programs can be taken in three versions:
    • €19 for a propio diploma from Masstercursos, endorsed by the EADL (European Association for E-Learning Education)
    • €38 for triple diplomas in your subject of choice, a related subject, and then a joint award with both subjects on it. For example, if you sign up for the MBA, you could pay €38, complete your studies, and then receive 1) the Master in Business Administration and Management, 2) the Master in Digital Marketing and Advertising, and 3) a joint diploma titled Master in Digital Marketing and Business Administration (3)
    • €149 for a 'University Expert' in your chosen subject, issued directly by everyone's favourite CLEA University and their partner organization, the Circle of Hispano-American Universities Alfonso III el Magno University.
    Based on the advertisements (which I'll link below), I believe the triple diplomas are all from Masstercursos and EADL, though the text of the ad doesn't specify that.

    Also, the ads very specifically mention that the Experto is 650 horas and 26 ECTS but do not provide any number of hours nor credits for the actual Master's. If you're planning to enroll, you may wish to write to Masstercursos directly to enquire. I put a few programs (like the MBA) side-by-side with their full-priced, CLEA programs, and the curricula look identical. Being that they have no partnership with an actual university for the discounted Master's 'degrees', I assume there are no credits and will be no recognition. Regardless, if you're looking to put some professional development courses on your CV or are just curious to learn about business, psychology, marketing, or one of the other topics, these may be of interest to you at the prices they're offering.

    For those interested in mindfulness and sports psychology, they also have two discounted, stand-alone courses at €19 a pieace.


    Now, on to the links for those interested:
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  2. MichaelGates

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    The advertisement by email from Masstercursos that you received is geared more towards those who want to do these courses and do not have a previous degree. If you already have a Bachelors Degree, you can get a better deal by doing to the regular website.
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  3. Johann

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    For the umpteenth time, it's not a "propio," by strict definition. A titulo propio is a degree awarded by a recognized university. Masstercursos is not a recognized university. And neither is the "endorsing" body. The only accurate description is "a diploma from Masstercursos" - and nothing else. And for 19 euro, I think it would be unreasonable to expect any piece of paper further up the academic food chain.
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  4. Johann

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    What about mindlessness? I'm actually good at that. I think I could teach it at the grad level. :)
    (Sigh...) But I see so many others who are even better.... smh.
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    My apologies. I'd seen the word 'propio' from Masstercursos itself in the linked ads!

    Upon further inspection, the exact term they used was 'un diploma propio', so it seems we're meeting somewhere in the middle! It's not a propio degree but simply a propio (self-issued) diploma.

    For reference:

  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yep. I see what they did there. It's a master's degree, so they say - and sure - they say you get a 'propio' diploma. I say - it's NOT a degree 'propio' i.e own title, from a recognized university - so it's NO real kind of propio ANYTHING. Issued by a firm - not a recognized university - and carrying a meaningless endorsement, in terms of actual degree recognition. That makes it not a titulo propio - and more like a bogus degree. "Discurso desconcertante" - which is as close as I can get to "bafflegab" in Spanish.

    Here's the quick translation of the blurb. Pretty plain to me what's going on. I don't like it at all. Even for 19 Euros.

    "In this first option, you will enroll (without additional payments) in the master's degree, obtaining a Mastercursos own (they used the word propio) diploma at the end, endorsed by the EADL (European Association of E-Learning Education).

    Degree authorization? "License to print" perhaps. No me gusta.
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