Marketability of Columbia Southern vs. e-Cornell’s Cert's in Human Resource MGT?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by shandon_lee, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. shandon_lee

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    Marketability of Columbia Southern vs. e-Cornell’s Certificates in Human Resource Management?

    In a post a few days ago, I asked about a Law School for HR. The advice given was good and made me think. At this phase, I’m information shopping and considering what I can do for a career change from teaching to HR Management. I have a Masters Degree in Education but am burnt out on teaching kids in a public school.

    One thing I’m wondering is about 2 programs that were mentioned. One was Columbia Southern’s programs in Certified Management Employment and Certified Human Resource Manager. The other was e-Cornell’s certificate program in HR Management (which has an Employment Law component). Columbia Southern’s program are $500 each, Cornell’s is $5000!

    Granted, Cornell is Ivy League, but will it make THAT much difference in acceptability in the job market? It is after all, a certificate, not a degree. Please give me some input. Thanks!
  2. jugador

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    I would rather have a full-fledged degree from ANY RA college than a pile of certificates from an school (including Ivy League schools).
  3. shandon_lee

    shandon_lee New Member

    Yes, but these certificates can be finished in a few months rather than the 1 1/2 to 2 years a degree would take. Hopefully, the credit can be applied to a degree program down the road.

    I'm talking about something on my resume to make a career transition this year. Any advice?
  4. morganplus8

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    I'm picking up my certificate tomorrow from e-Cornell and I have to say their DL program is the best format I've seen around. I would highly recommend the program and know you won't regret it. I earnrd my MBA via DL and it was a great deal of work so this was a nice distraction!

    I will have to see those words, "Cornell University" next to my name forever! Seriously the program is a very good one, see if you can do just one course that can be applied toward your certificate program if you are hesistant about the value of the program verses the money.

    Good luck!
  5. skywire

    skywire New Member

    I just started e-Cornell this month. Thank God for their payment plan! I paid $1145. to start and have payments of $450. or so for the next 8 months. I will finish in September, and just starting, I can say it's well designed and presented. ('m paying out of pocket, by the way.)

    I'm not sure of the exact amount, but somewhere around 7-8 hours will transfer to Amberton's MS in Business and HR, which also has a 4 class component that I can apply to their certificate program in Project Management.

    Overall, it's a bit more expensive than just doing Amberton's MS program, but the credentials will be worth the time and effort (as well as the $$). I'd rather go this way than with a non-RA program from Columbia Southern. It's a tough job market and with no experience in HR, I want the all the edge I can get!

    That's my 2cents, anyway!:eek:
  6. morganplus8

    morganplus8 New Member

    Congradulations! Be sure to report back to us on your thoughts about the program and format. I enjoyed my time there and might do it again. I know its a little expensive but knowing you will be forced to carry the experience and the "Cornell" name with you for the rest of your life isn't such a terrible problem to have!

    Good Luck!

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