Mark Cuban - The Coming Meltdown in College Education

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    The mystery deepens...

    I still don't know what schools Mr. Cuban is referring to but I DID find a quote from him here, talking about "Khan Academy-like" schools and having seen better class conferencing on Twitter etc. than traditional on-line schools. But here's the thing - you go to a (good) school like Khan Academy to learn -- but you don't go there for academic credit!

    Mark Cuban on Online Education

    I STILL wish he'd name the schools! I somehow doubt that Mr. Cuban is an avid DI reader, or I'd have invited him to tell us.

    And as far as unaccredited schools go -- as I see it, some are bad and some are good - but the common denominator is REDUCED UTILITY of such credentials; hardly anybody will accept them for jobs or further schooling. That's because the established schools, accreditors, international evaluators - and in some cases government agencies - decree that such degrees or qualifications are not to be accepted. Now, if Mr. Cuban could (selectively) change that.... but I doubt if even he, with all his financial clout could do so.

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    I still think this is a slight show of his hand, I think we should expect to see something from Cuban or his money...
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    Maybe he's buying Khan Academy (free instruction) and now we'll have to pay him! :(

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    I know that Mark Cuban may favor an individuals experience and abilities, which I commend. However, when you email in a resume to one of his companies for some reasonable position either as a skilled employee, a leader, supervisor or manager and the computer software analyzes them and categorizes them for the HR person. You can bet that hiring person is looking for the best candidates they can find. And the easiest, most cost effective way to do that is to filter out those who do not have degrees and find your employee from the filtered list, as there are plenty of them. I personally don't want to be filtered out. And while Cuban is afforded the ability to hire who he wants, I doubt he will be too happy if his HR employees present his hiring managers with too many prospects who do not have the requisite education or training.
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    Very interesting article. He makes some good points.

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