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  1. Acolyte

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    Anyone have any experience or knowledge about certificates offered by Management and Strategy Institute (MSI)?

    They seem to be a provider of professional (rather than academic) certifications and ongoing business related training things like Six Sigma:

    Any search for info or reviews turns up a lot of "positive experiences" using their materials - but it seems to be more like corporate training stuff.

    Anyone familiar with them? Are they known or have any respect in corporate circles for providing training? Do any of these types of certifications have real value on a resume? I know I've heard of the Six Sigma thing being something companies might offer.

    Anyway, just curious because I've never heard of them.
  2. Mac Juli

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    While I can't say much about the MSI, I can say that a Six Sigma Black Belt certification without doing an actual project is seen by the Six Sigma community itself as rather lacking.

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  3. JoshD

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    I have not seen Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) discussed much so I cannot provide accurate feedback in terms of their usefulness on a resume or CV.

    Personally, if I was going to pursue a certification such as Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma, I would go through The Council for Six Sigma Certification or IASSC. Both of these providers are partnered with reputable companies and universities such as Amazon, Cisco, Pepperdine, Auburn, UT Austin, etc.
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  5. Acolyte

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    That's interesting. How did you like the materials/ course? - I'm not necessarily interested in the IT offerings, but I was curious about some of the HR related things - I'm just never sure what kind of weight or credibility these independent training certificates carry - do you use them on your resume or was it just something for personal development ? Their prices are definitely attractive, but it's hard to get an idea about the value of these things.

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