Madison University and USDLA No Connection

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Dan the Man, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Dan the Man

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    I sent an email to USDLA (United States Distance Learning Association). I told them what Madison was claiming in literature and on the website concerning there membership with them. USDLA said they are not a accrediting body yet. They also said Madison Univ. of Gulfport MS is not a member of there association. So there claims for legitimacy is weakening....:D
  2. italiansupernova

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    "... is weakening?"

    It was never strong to being with. Any school claiming to be "accredited" by the WAUC is a worthless pile of used toilet paper.

    Madison University sure prances like a ballerina, but is nothing more than a fat guy in a tutu.

    USDLA has open membership, so even if they were members it wouldn't mean much of anything. Madison's merely using it to deceive the uninformed/misinformed that it is legitimately accredited.
  3. Dan the Man

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    That's true and in the email from USDLA they freely admit they are not an accreditation assoc. They also said they are in the process of establishing an accreditation system but it's still in works.

    I'm giving USDLA the benefit of the doubt because they're not making any fraudalent claims. If USDLA can put together something that is respectable for on line accreditation more power to them. But as they told me they are not at this time considering themselves an accreditation source.

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