Macho Man Randy Savage Dead

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    It was a car accident, with some sources saying that it was caused by a heart attack.

    I haven't watched wrestling since I was a kid, but I still get this eerie feeling of familiarity and loss when I see these announcements. Every few months, I hear of another "legend" or favorite I had as a kid die. One of them, Chris Benoit, killed his whole family and himself without warning.

    Anyway, what I remember of Randy Savage spans accross two organizations, WWF and WCW. He was a great talker, a great worker and could easily be the crowd's most loved or most hated guy depending on whether he was face (a good guy) or heel (a bad guy). It seemed he also turned (changed to a good guy ot a bad guy) on a monthly basis.

    Here's to the Eliziabeth-marrying, Macho King proclaiming, Mega Powers formimg, Slim Jim selling, Elbow Dropping, World Champ Winning, nWo joining and unjoining, constapatingly screaming, Hulkamania dulling, Macho Madness inducing Randy Savage.

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    I used to fly into the Tampa airport alot for previous job that required extensive travel. Once I was on the same flight as MachoMan from Atlanta to Tampa. He was the heel, or bad guy, at the time. Everyone that walked up to him and asked got an autograph. He knew who paid his salary; good for him. There is a short shuttle from the gate to the terminal where I stood a few feet away from him. He was much bigger in person than he seemed to be on television.
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    I'd love to see an actuarial study on professional wrestlers. I can't believe the incredibly high percentage that die before the age of 60.

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