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    My name is Mac Juli. Well, it is not my actual name. I am 39 years old and a purchasing manager for electronic components from Germany.

    I am a college dropout after passing my Vordiplom (roughly eq. to associates degree) in Physics. Started studying online in 2009. My approach to studying can be compared to a five year old boy that is left alone with $500 in a candy store. I managed, however, to finish a DipHE (another thing roughly eq. to an associates degree, but this time, from UK), several university and non-university credentials including a certificate in psychology, an udacity nanodegree, a Certificate in purchasing mangement and some other things.

    Currently, I work on my MBA thesis and in my spare time, I do the "business certificate" of the Quantic School of Business and Technology because, well, it is funny.

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    Mac Juli
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