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    First time post. Long time viewer.

    I had one question:

    Is there - anywhere - an MA in 'Success Studies'. At least that is what I would call it. I am looking to study the writings of Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, etc.

    I want to:

    1. Be Sucessful (color that rich, happy, and great job).
    2. I want to help other people do so as well, through coaching and mentoring.
    3. I want to help organizations do the same through consulting.

    I have a BA from a B&M. I need an MA, and want to go for a Ph.D. in Leadership from Regent U. Regent has something similar but not close enough.

    Any thoughts?

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    Should you find one, I wonder if you would PM me. I'd like to add it to the master's listing on my website, next to the MA in Death Studies from the University of Wales. Sort of Yin and Yang.

    Most apt, of course would be the fabled, "MA in Failure". I think it a myth, but who knows.

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    Re: Re: MA in Success

    Master of Artless?
  5. CCBapt

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    MA Sucess Search


    Thanks for the tip. Duquesne looks interesting. I REALLY like the course focus and structure. The price is a bit steep, but they have the faculty to back it up. It is not EXACTLY what I am looking for, but it is the closest I have seen.

    - Much Thanks.
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