Louisiana Baptist University recognized by Governor

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by philosophy, Jul 23, 2005.

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    I took a look at LBU a while back. They seemed to have a good offering down there and are growing. Too many of their faculty have LBU degrees to suit me, though.

    The people I have had contact with, grads from the school, said they had good experiences there but did not seem to have any misconceptions about the utility of their degrees. It's an unaccredited school plain and simple.

    They are experiencing growth and I believe it is because many are looking for more affordable business/education programs that have a concrete Christian approach to an area of study. Regent tries to address such but the cost is very high there.

    I don't think I would go with them for the simple fact that they are unaccredited. If I wanted to take some biblical courses I would rather do the Liberty University route. One thing about Louisiana Baptist is that they are a school approved by many Independent Baptist churches for pastorate study. To me, that might not be saying much because you can get some really wacky stuff in the Independent Bapstist movement. I've seen churches in that org go off the deep end because there are often no checks and balances via something like a presbytery or central organization.

    I bet that even Kennedy-Western could get a "Kennedy-Western Month" in some states, too. Errrrr...for a political donation no less.

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    While I personally think LBU is an excellent institution of higher education and one of the best unaccredited schools out there, I am sure this proclamation is merely perfunctory.

    Interestingly enough, the Secretary of State, Fox McKeithen, whose signature is on the proclamation along with Governor Blanco, died a few week's ago.
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    I mostly agree with you. It seems to be one of the better unaccrediteds. Not sure about the excellency of it, though. I think it is head and shoulders above the likes of Pacific Western, CULA, and the rest.

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    I wonder why they don't apply for some form of accreditation like TRACS or DETC?
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    I'm guessing they could not pass the TRACS or DETC audit.


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    In my opinion, if LBU desired to seek either regional or national accreditation, they would succeed.
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    I know a guy who is strongly looking at LBU for a ministry degree. This is a nice comment to see on here.

    You think that they are up to par with TRACS and DETC now? Why don't you think they don't go for TRACS then? Currently, they do PhD and EdD. That means that they are not able to move into DETC with that. So, they would need to drop those programs.


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    They probably could get DETC accreditation with slight improvements but I don't really know how DETC evaluates religious institutions.

    TRACS accreditation would require professors who are qualified to teach each subject offered and making sure the requirements for each degree is on par with generally accepted accrediting principles.

    At this point, though, I don't know if they want accreditation. They are independent Baptist and shy away from "government approval."
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    If one looks at the TRACS Standard, 15.1.a, one will see that TRACs wants a school to hire undergrad faculty who have at least an ACCREDITED masters and grad faculty with ACCREDITED terminal degrees in the areas of instruction. The last time I looked less than half LBU grad profs had accredited docs!

    IMO it is not separatistic views that keeps LBU from being accredited by TRACS it is that LBU does not meet TRACS standards !

    Nevertheless IMO LBU is more substantial than many unaccredited theological schools but less substantial than a few.

    When I see a flow of LBU master's in Theology/Bible grads entering and succeeding in RA doc programs in Theology/Bible , as do BJU grads and some other UA schools, then I will revise my opinion( as though anyone cares:D ) .
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    Cannot believe I said this. You could have gotten me back Bill, for my previous corrections of your grammatical errors. You're a good non-retributionist Calvinist, aren't you? :D
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    LBU has ties to the Baptist Bible Fellowship.
    I agree that it is an ethical unaccredited school.
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    What sort of relationship do they have with the BBF? That they supply pastors for the BBFI churches? That they are approved for credentials within the BBFI?

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    From the LBU web site:

    From the BBFI web site:

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    LBU is one of six schools approved by the BBFI for the training of its ministers/missionaries. www.bbfi.org
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    I looked at their website. They are an intriguing school. They seem sincere about what they want to provide and may actually offer some quality courses. They try to provide a rationale for the fact that most of their professors have terminal degrees from their institution, perhaps another reason why they haven't considered TRACS accreditation like some of the other BBFI schools like Boston Baptist College:

    "LBU has not sought either regional or national accreditation by a secular accrediting agency. Because of our strong stance on inspiration of the scriptures, doctrinal purity and pre-millennialism many of our administration and faculty hold terminal degrees from LBU. However, they also hold over 90 different degrees from other colleges and universities."
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    Didn't even notice, but I certainly will remind you of it if ever needed;)
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    Reality Check

    How easily we forget, campers . . . The credibility of an institution is determined, in part, based on its history.

    It's been quite a while since I've quoted myself, but here's what I wrote about LBU and it's affiliates in Name It & Frame It. This is from the 4th and last edition, published in 1994, and is current as of that time. While I'm sure there have been changes, here's the big picture on LBU from a few years back . . .

    (Yeah, kiddies, I know - CORPA is now CHEA. But remember, this was written in 1994, and I've reprinted it as it originally appeared at that time.)
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    Re: Reality Check

    I seem to remember some looming questions regarding the early days of Union, as well as UoP, Touro & NCU. All were called millish by some.
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    Re: Reality Check

    So, is everyone who applies for accreditation a "Candidate". Did TRACS just reject them afterall?



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