Loss of CHEA Recognition? (AACSB International)

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  1. Vern

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    Certainly a shot in the rear to Accredited Educational Snobbery!
  2. Johann

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    Here's one that is AACSB, Steve. IMD Business School - Cream of the crop, as far as Swiss Cantonal schools are concerned. No institutional accreditation or Swiss equivalent - but lots of cachet, sterling rep. Very selective, very expensive. MBA will set you back about $100K, IIRC. (Average salary after graduation was around $140K, as I remember. Maybe higher, now.) "Triple crown" program accreditation - AACSB Equis and AMBA. https://www.imd.org/mba/one-year-mba-program/

    One hitch - you have to be there: Lausanne, Switzerland. No distance MBA. Not such a bad place to be, though...

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