Looking for the CHEAPEST, military friendly MBA w/ marketing emphasis

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  1. Ted Heiks

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    Aw, gee, I still need to get back on that. 41 more states to go. Plus the foreign MBAs.
  2. -kevin-

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    In the meantime you have done a fine job of what's there. Thanks Ted!
  3. Ted Heiks

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    Well, thank you, sir!
  4. JC_USN

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    So anyone know how I could contact Richard Douglas who has his degree from National University? I'd like to see what reactions he's gotten when applying for jobs.

    So what's the main opinion...AACSB doesnt really matter that much??
  5. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    You could PM him here: http://forums.degreeinfo.com/member.php?u=146 . Or you could also find him over at degreediscussion.com.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    My former boss earned his MBA in Management at National University, MCB Camp Pendleton. The program took him exactly one year to complete, and was paid by tuition assistance and MGI Bill upfront. Each course is in one month format, except the thesis or capstone course.

    Try Florida Institute of Technology, if you are in active Military, you'll get some discount. The institution is ranked tier 3 category by U.S News. If I am not mistaken, most of its noticeable alumni are Military Officers.

    BTW, neither these schools are AACSB accredited.

    Liberty University is Military friendly, you pay only $250.00 per credit for their program.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Edited: Liberty doesn't offer Marketing.
  8. JC_USN

    JC_USN New Member

    I cant seem to find the military discount for Florida Institute of Tech.

    Can you find it?

    Thanks so much to everyone for their help!
  9. louieknucks

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  10. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    "Save $2,700 on Your MBA and Over $2,000 on Your MSIT
    Florida Tech is committed to helping military servicemembers meet their personal and professional goals. To offset any costs military tuition assistance may not cover, Florida Tech is now offering active-duty servicemembers, reservists, guardsmen, veterans, spouses and dependents of disabled or deceased veterans a 10% discount on all graduate degree programs. Over the course of your studies, this discount can result in substantial savings."
  11. Ted Heiks

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    Bumpity ...
  12. Dave Wagner

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    From memory, TUI University meets your requirements except for AACSB. You should definitely include their MBA in your solution set, when you try to decide, because they are military-friendly, reasonably-priced, and have terms that start year round. Also, I read somewhere that they have extremely high retention and completion rates. Of course, there are other good schools but none near your price that come to mind. (Disclaimer: This is one of the schools for which I have taught and therefore I know it fairly well.)
  13. redwingsguy

    redwingsguy New Member

    AMU -Steer Clear!!

    My personal experience in a Master's program at AMU was horrific!!! Stick with an AACSB-accredited school!!
  14. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Could you be a bit more specific? What was horrific about your AMU experience, and what does it have to do with the school not being AACSB accredited?
  15. tomball

    tomball New Member

    Please educate us on AMU, this one I don't have a read on.
  16. imalcolm

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  17. Etania

    Etania New Member

    I have had a great experience so far at AMU. I started the MBA program in March 09 but also took several undergrad courses there starting in 2007. I have had no problems with financial aid. They do require you have all your paperwork in at least 5 weeks before the semester you want to enroll, but if you are a continuous student they will send you an email a few weeks before the dead line to remind you. Courses start every month and all the MBA courses only have 8 week options, although they do have courses in other subjects that run 16 weeks.

    They have recently made several upgrades to their website and classroom systems. I will admit I have had a couple of instructors that take more than a few days to post grades, but I have never had one that doesn't respond to email fairly quickly - 24 -48 hours at most. I have had instructors that are extremely strict, no late assignments and no class extensions unless you are dying. I have also had instructors that are really flexible and have no problem accepting late assignments.

    I am not in the military but enrolled in the AMU campus originally because I did not realize the school had two campuses - American Military University and American Public University. However, if you are looking for military friendly you are in the right place as 95% of my classmates are in the military or retired from.
  18. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    I've had a good experience during my time at AMU. Great student support from the Finance office to the VA office and everyone in between. Instructor's, luckily, so far have been good to outstanding. This includes interation, grading (i.e. letting you know what they want, consistency). I've a had a few who seemed a little slow at times on the grading of assignments.

    The courses have been rigorous; Finance, Accounting, and now Applied Decision Making have been giving/or gave me the hardest time. Lots of current military so I fit right in. I'm pretty much only trying for jobs in the federal government so I am hoping that the utility of the degree will have some benefit.

    Overall a good school, excellent student support, good teachers, their reputation so far seems solid and I would recommend them to just about everyone.
  19. Diesel13

    Diesel13 Member

    I totally agree with you. Although the Finance class was the easiest for me. Wonder which instructor you had. I found that the Marketing Management class had the most work and was challenging but not difficult if you put the research in. I have 7 more classes to go and don't have any complaints so far.

    I heard that it was recommended to take applied decision making last among the 8 core courses. It must be that having the previous 7 core courses before you take the Applied Decision Making class makes it less difficult.
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