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    Hello all!

    Just wanted to gather some thoughts on any good schools that offer a Certificate in Information Technology (undergrad level). I want the certificate to complement my already completed education (non-IT by the way). I haven't seen too many on the web but did come across this one below:


    Any thoughts or experiences I would highly appreciate!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, in the IT industry...the degree is not really important. The IT certifications would help you more than an undergraduate certificate.

    For example, most of the IT jobs require some sort of CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, UNIX, VCP, LINUX, CISSP, and certain years in experience. If you already have an undergraduate degree, then why bother to get a certificate in IT? It is better to get a Master degree in IT to support your long term career.
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    Well not quite accurate. These days a bachelors degree is the minimum educational requirement with certifications and experience only being factors if you already have a degree. This is quite a change since experience used to trump all, but not anymore.

    A graduate degree would provide a better return on investment because IT managers do not have to have any IT technical skills though it never hurts. The question you might want to ask yourself is "why do I want to work in IT?" The answer to this question will largely determine whether you are looking at the right career for yourself.

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