Looking for Masters in CIS/MIS programs for non majors.

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by nyvrem, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. nyvrem

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    Can anyone recommend some CIS/MIS programs for non IT majors ?
    Intend to enter the IT field in the future, thought of taking a CIS/MIS masters rather than a 2nd degree in computer science or IT.
    Cost not a factor, but I'm ruling HES out since I'm not up for spending a term there to do a physical class.

  2. Simurgh

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    Hi nyvrem,

    We are in the same boat, and I have been looking into the same question. So far I have been taking some basic courses at Udacity and Coursera to familiarize myself with the concepts. There are two highly ranked programs that offer degrees geared for non-CS bachelors recipients. Downsides is 1) Residency Required 2) GRE Required.

    1) Masters of Computer Information Technology at UPenn CIS - MCIT Program Overview
    2) Masters of Computer Science at U Chicago About | Masters Program in Computer Science | The University of Chicago

    I have been working on my first MA and MBA in residence in California, and I am not sure whether I will take the jump to do a program somewhere completely different. There is also a program at Taft U as well. If anyone else has any recommendations regarding secondary masters, I am more than happy to hear. Myself, I am not interested in doing a second bachelors degree in computer science as most recommend. If you already have a Bachelors, why go back?

    Good Luck
  3. Simurgh

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    No clue why my first post hasn't appeared yet. But I found two new programs for us to look into besides the UPenn MS in CIT.

    Bellevue University MS in CIS - Computer Information Systems Degree - Master of Science | Bellevue University
    You have to take three prerequisite classes, but it is better than most of the brick and mortar schools I have looked at. One, University of Illinois-Springfield requires like 15 prerequisite classes. For that you might as well just pick up a second bachelors anyways.

    Colorato Technical University MS in CS - Online Master's Degree in Computer Science | CTU
    CTU is for-profit but I have heard good reviews. Additionally they have a Computer Engineering Degree and Doctorate in Computer Science. Please keep me posted on other programs of the like.

    Staffordshire MSc in Computer Science - Computer Science MSc, Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), Postgraduate Diploma (PgD)
    There was another thread on here that said you could pick it up for 7K. I have been playing around with the idea of going for this specific program.

    There is also an MBA, DBA, and PhD in Applied Computer Science at Northcentral University. Judging by the course requirements there is no requirement for a bachelors in computer science
    I hope this helps, tell me what you decide on, we may end up applying to the same program lol.
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    Thanks airtorn for letting my posts through and for protecting this forum. You are the man. :)

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