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    I am looking for a cheap online Chea accredited Master in Divinity degree. I was considering a seminary that is interdenominational and apostolic and believes in the 5 fold ministry. Thank you!
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    I'm not going to vet schools based on specific theology. That's up to you. Here are some things to get you started:

    Nations University - DEAC accredited. As far as I can tell, the cheapest path to an M.Div.
    Global University - RA. $21.5k for an M.Div., however, they're system is completely self paced and can be completed in smaller chunks over a period of time.
    St. Joseph's College of Maine - RA. $376/credit. They have a graduate certificate which you can stack up to an MA in Theology which you can then use to enter their accelerated M.Div. program. Catholic.
    Liberty University - $395/credit or $2,475 full time block rate. Generous transfer.
    South University - Somehow, they got away with seemingly not posting their tuition rates on their website aside from a hard to find net cost calculator that only works for undergraduate programs. They have, however, a D.Min. program that is 96 credits and does not require an M.Div. Coming to them with an M.Div. gives you advanced standing. With the caveat that I don't know the cost, it's an interesting option if you don't care about ATS accreditation.

    Clarks Summit University (Formerly Baptist Bible College) - ABHE, reasonably priced.

    There are others, of course. There are a handful of DEAC schools offering the M.Div, so check that directory and see what you can find (none are cheaper than Nations). ABHE typically has reasonably priced schools, that's another good directory to search. Aside from that, I suspect there is a school out there with a dirt cheap M.Div. that we just haven't found yet because they're super low tech and probably just have an on the ground program that they informally offer to the public and are bad at branding. if you find it, let us know.
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    Grand Canyon University's MDiv is a not bad $365 per sh x 82 sh = $29 930. Accepts up to 12 sh transfer credit. It is low res; "MDiv students are required to attend three week-long residencies throughout the program."
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