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    I am about to graduate with my BA from Thomas Edison State University in a few months and would like to start right in to a Masters Program. Does anyone have any suggestions on some good schools (distance education), Something in the Social Services area, my BA is in Sociology.
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    In social sciences/social services, there is a "big four" (just as there is a "big three" at the bachelor's level - Edison, COSC, and Excelsior). They are Antioch University, Goddard College, Lesley University, and Vermont College of Norwich University. All lean heaviliy toward programs in social services, and all allow maximum flexibility in program design. For more structured programs, yoyur best bet is to consult Bears' Guide or Thorson's Guide.

    For URL's on the schools I listed, just use the school name (Antioch, Goddard, Lesley, Norwich) follwed by the ".edu" extension, then surf to the specific program.

    Fine points (subjective opinion): Antioch is excellent but requires a lot of administrative hoopla not required by the others. Goddard, ditto, but you work with only one core faculty person and there is a risk in that (one person having authority over your fate, especially in terms of ideological conflicts that may occur). Lesley is an outstanding program, and offers both the M.A. and M.Ed. Vermont College is the best in my opinion, but that's very subjective since I earned my own M.A. there; also, Norwich U. has indicated that they will separate the college from the university, and I hesitate to recommend the program while it is in a state of flux. Nonetheless, checking all four out will give you an indication of what's out there.

    If you're in the western U.S., check out the M.A. programs at Prescott College in Arizona. I have never dealt with them, but they seem to be similar to the other four in terms of flexibility and have a solid reputation.

    Another program worth checking into: The M.A. in Counseling at Liberty University (Falwell's school). They tend to hang looser with external students in terms of ideology, but some people have a mental block vis-a-vis their evangelical leanings. An excellent program by reputation, but much more of a rote/canned program than the other four.

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