Looking for a little help with choic of CLEP tests and preperation

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    I am planning on attending UIC for my pharmacy education and they said as long as the credits appear on my transcript, I can use CLEP credits for my pre-reqs. The pre-reqs I need usually only require 2 years but I started working towards a music minor and that caused me to be a few classes short. Instead of having to take a third year, I want to try and pass out of 3 clep tests for the credits I need. I need a general biology, a psychology, and an econ course. I am assuming that the Clep exam for Biology would be for general bio, and then I was thinking macro economics and intro to psy. My time frame for this would be about 2 months. I could wait further, but I'd rather have them done before school starts. What would be the best way to prepare for these exams and is their a particular order I should take them? I appreciate all the help very much!!!
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    tjsmar, be careful with econ because most pharm programs that I've seen require microeconomics not macro. Also some programs require bio with lab, so check that too.

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