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    Thanks to those who posted information reqarding logos college.

    I realize that I am not necessarily interested in a biblical degree. I am interested in completing my degree and using as many of the hours that I already have as possible. (128!)

    I believe I would me most interested in a clasical humanities degree. Learn a couple languages, read philosophy and ancient texts, history, etc.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Go to www.degree.net and then click on schools, then on bachelors. This is a good place to begin your search. There are many options at the undergrad level which are both accredited and affordable.

    Success in your pursuit!

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    Excellent suggestion by Dr. Morris. Also, check out Steve Levicoff's web site. He goes into some detail about Portfolio assessment at TESC. That might be one of your best bets for getting the most out of your credits and doing things like CLEP. Steve then went on to earn a non traditional Masters and non traditional Ph.D. The rest is history. The site Russell mentions has an example of a man who completed a Regionally Accredited B.A. in 9 months (?) through transfer, portfolio, CLEP, and credit for the GRE. At one point iirc the guy posted the info at the old AED. Someone here (Dr. Bear I'm sure) remembers the guys name.

    Good luck!


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