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    Number two on the State of Wyoming web page listing the state's licensed/not accredited post-secondary degree granting institutions is "AMERICAN CENTRAL UNIVERSITY" in Laramie, Wyoming.

    Perusing its programs one finds a "Doctor of Philosophy in TQM" brochure here: http://www.acusa.net/pdf/dpt.pdf. The description of one of the courses is this:
    It is surprising to find nearly identical text on a webpage of the publisher Wiley describing one of its books: see
    PHD 704 ("Managing Contemporary Projects") is another course with similar text to a pubisher's book description. (It's Prentice-Hall this time):
    Compare that text with this publisher's description:
    There's more-- see the "DOCTOR OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT" program described here:http://www.acusa.net/doh.php.
    That bears a striking resemblance to this Prentice-Hall description:
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    Kennedy Westerns PHD in Health Administration uses the words "intro to" or "overview of" in the large majority of their classes. Being in healthcare, my favorite is:

    HA710 Health Maintenance Organizations
    "Introduction to the strategic and operational resources needed for health managers to understand HMO's..."

    Introduction... resources... understand...
    I cover this in 30 minutes with our summer interns without granting 3 Doctoral Credits. I shudder to think of people in healthcare with this "credential".

    Another good one is a Doctoral-level MIS course in their DBA program, which lists a recommended (not required) prerequisite of "a general understanding of computers and their application".
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    Is this the same operation owned by Schiller?

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