Logan University - Cheap Prerequisites and Flexible Master's Programs

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    Logan University offers an online bachelor's degree in human biology that is designed to meet the prerequisite requirements of various healthcare programs. Tuition is $275 per credit hour. If you're a freshman with a 3.5 GPA, tuition is $150 per credit hour. If you're a transfer student with a 3.5 GPA, tuition is $200 per credit hour.

    For the undergraduate degrees, 25% of the credits must be taken at Logan. A maximum of 75% of the non-elective credits can be transferred in.

    For the masters programs and one online doctorate in health professions education, only the last 30% of the program (not including electives) has to be completed at Logan. Everything else can be transferred in.

    The school appears to accept NA credits because their only accreditation requirement for non-chiropractic courses is that the credits come from a school accredited by an organization recognized by CHEA or the U.S. Department of Education.

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    Their catalog and website have conflicting information. The website says that only 50% of the credits for bachelor's degree programs can be transferred in, and only 30% of the credits for the master's degree and online doctoral programs can be transferred in.
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    Great find! I took a look at the curriculum and see that a capstone project or internship is required. That means that students hoping to get into medical or allied health programs requiring real-world work exposure to medical environments (not just shadowing a medical professional) prior to admission will have that coming out of school. Logan has really covered all the bases with this program. I just wonder how their labs work.

    In related news, Arizona State U. just started an online BS in Biochemistry. For general chemistry labs, students are sent a kit to do them at home. But, for organic chemistry and biochemistry they have to go to ASU for a week long boot camp during which two semesters of labs are completed.
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    It depends on the instructor, but there could be virtual or in-home labs.

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