LLM for non-lawyers

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    The curriculum is good, but I think it is better at a Doctorate level, which helps Cybersecurity and Information Security practitioners to enhance their knowledge for consulting for CISO positions.
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    It is an interesting program but what good is an LLM without a JD? You still can not sit the bar exam.. I guess maybe with the LLM you can go for SJD?
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    I expect that there are positions at organizations like Amnesty International for people who understand the specific nuances of international human rights law but are not lawyers who practice in their country of origin.
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    I feel like it's a cash grab for all but the most narrowest use cases. If you're a senior cybersecurity employee in the federal government or Congress with responsibility for policymaking it might make sense. If you're John Q Public, I think it's more likely to tie your hands like the Executive JD and the Master of Science in Law/Legal Studies (MSL) or other credentials where you have a passing knowledge of the law but no license to use it.
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    The federal government considers the LLM to be equivalent to a doctorate because all they're looking for is three years of progressively higher graduate-level education. But, this is based on the knowledge that the LLM almost always comes after the JD. This program will admit students with a regular bachelor's degree.
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    I also came across that, and the price isn't bad. If someone wants a more well-rounded legal education, I'd recommend University of London. However, this program is a lot more demanding. They expect students to study for 20 hours per week to finish in two years. You also need to take assessments at an approved testing center.

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