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    After looking around for a long time earlier thread I have decided to go ahead with a masters at derby. The main issue being the price and time frame. I was quoted a price of 2460 GBP for the total program. Or 205 GBP per course.

    Now my question is this:

    If i do the LLM in commercial law, will i be able to practice as a lawyer in the UK.?

    Nottingham has a program at the diploma level which enables you to practise as a lawyer. earlier thread

    And I know that you still would need to do an additional training period of three years once you have completed the program.
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    No, no, no. Neither Nottingham nor any other U.K. university has a diploma program that will allow you to practice law.

    Barristors and solicitors must complete years of professional training after completing their degrees or university diplomas. The Nottingham diploma merely allows the student to gain entry to further training.

    No LL.M. degree will serve this purpose.

    I think Nottingham's LL.B. is an "exempt" degree. If so, the student solicitor does not need to complete the usual one year law practice course to begin articles. However, the student must still article for two years in order to qualify.

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