Listing Propios on Your CV: Cursos, Expertos & Especialistas

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    I wanted to cross post a question I shared on our sister forum about propios and CVs:

    What are we to do with the Curso Universitario, Experto Universitario, and Especialista Universitario awards?

    I understand that the more general cursos are simply individual postgraduate modules or classes. These would likely just be listed under Continuing Education on one's CV, right?

    As for Experto and Especialista programs, these are a bit tougher. It almost seems (to me, at least) that Spain has something parallel (but not necessarily equivalent) to the UK and the Commonwealth's three-tiered postgraduate system: Postgraduate Certificate (Experto), Postgraduate Diploma (Especialista), and Master's (Master). That's not to say that these all line up in the number of credits and whatnot, but I figured it's a good way of thinking about the order and rough value of each in the progression of programs.

    But has anyone taken these 'lower' level postgraduate programs? If so, how do you list them on your CV? Do you just literally translate the award as, say, a University Expert in Child Psychology or a University Expert in Business Coaching? Or depending on the language of the diploma itself, have you chosen to add the words diploma or certificate to your CV as well?

    Thank you in advance!


    Addendum: This is all assuming we're dealing with 'real' propios (for a full amount of credits, from recognized universities).

    I'm less concerned with awards from Eudes and similar institutes we've discussed elsewhere, which often don't even come with ECTS.
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