Linkage between Knightsbridge University & Claremont International University(Part 1)

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    I was doing some browsing on Geneva Theological College, which appeared to have evolved into the Greenwich School of Theology as outlined at which makes interesting history, but then the following came up at

    Michael Walsh, DLitt (Knightsbridge), ThD (Geneva Theological College), GTCL, FTCL, FCCM
    Dr Walsh is a Professor of Church Music at Claremont International University of Arts, Seychelles, on the Faculty of Church Music of the Central School of Religion, London, and an external examiner for Curwen College of Music, London. He is principally active as a composer, singer, organist and choral director, having sung in Chichester and Portsmouth cathedral choirs in the UK over many years.

    I then went to, where the following faculty are listed:

    Michael Walsh DLitt, ThD, GTCL
    Michael Walsh holds the degrees of Doctor of Letters of Knightsbridge University, Denmark, Doctor of Theology of Geneva Theological College, USA (now Greenwich School of Theology, part of Potchefstroom University, South Africa)

    Donald Heath HonDMus, DHum, MA, BMus
    Professor Heath holds the degrees of DHum and BMus of the Central School of Religion, Indiana, USA and UK, and MA of the Geneva Theological College, USA (now Greenwich School of Theology, part of Potchefstroom University, South Africa).

    Terry Worroll DLitt, BA, GTCL
    Terry Worroll holds the degrees of DLitt of Knightsbridge University, Denmark, BA and Diploma in European Humanities of the Open University, UK.

    Kenneth Robinson Martin ThD, MA, ThSoc
    Air Commodore Professor Kenneth Robinson Martin served in the British armed forces, notably in Borneo, and since his retirement from the military has been Dean of the Cambridge Arts and Sciences College, UK. He holds the diploma of Fellow in Theology (ThSoc) and the degree of MA of the Central School of Religion, Indiana, USA and UK, and gained the ThD from Knightsbridge University, Denmark, for a thesis on Josephus' Jewish War.

    Wally H. Willies DLitt, RPT
    Professor Willies earned his DLitt degree from Knightsbridge University, Denmark, and was until his recent retirement Professor and Director of the Department of Languages at Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, South Africa. His main fields of interest are in post-modern literature and arts-medicine, and he is Professor of Arts-Medicine at Knightsbridge University.

    Major-General Janos v. Karaszy-Kulin HonDUniv, HonDLitt, HonLLD
    Dame Iris Karaszy-Kulin HonMUniv
    General Karaszy-Kulin is one of the most highly-decorated officers in the Hungarian armed forces, and is revered as one of the heroes of the Second World War and of the 1956 uprising, in which his valour earned him the highest military distinctions. Upon the fall of communism in 1989 he was received by the Hungarian President and installed as the Grand Master of the International Knightly Order of St George, an ancient Hungarian order known for its charitable work. He holds many chivalric distinctions and is a Knight Grand Cross of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus (Paris Obedience) and a Knight of the Order of the Vitez. He has received several honorary doctorates from institutions in Denmark and the USA, and holds the honorary degree of Doctor of the University of Claremont University.

    John Kersey HonDMus, PhD, EdD, MMusRCM, DipRCM, FRSA, FRGS, FSA Scot
    Professor Kersey graduated as the top pianist in his year from the Royal College of Music, London, UK, with First Class Honours, and was subsequently awarded the degree of Master of Music in Performance Studies from the RCM. His graduate education included periods of study at the University of Cambridge, the Collège de France in Paris and English National Opera, as well as at Knightsbridge University, Denmark, where he was awarded the degree of PhD by published work, and Claremont University, where he was the first person to graduate with the degree of Doctor of Education. He holds an honorary doctorate from Ansted University, Malaysia and British Virgin Islands.

    Nicholas Groves MA, MA, MTh, BMus, BA, FSA Scot
    Nicholas Groves holds the degrees of BMus in Music and Welsh from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, BA in Medieval English of the University of London, MTh from Knightsbridge University, Denmark

    Roger Haw Dr hc mult, PhD
    Academician Professor Roger Haw is the Founding Member of Ansted University, Malaysia and British Virgin Islands, a private international open university with 40 affiliated campuses and training providers around the world and support from more than 1,000 faculty members, scientists and researchers from more than 80 countries. His background is in banking and insurance; he is Director of the investment company BN Billionaire Network in Malaysia and consultant to Naraco Bank, Trinidad. In 1992 he was awarded membership in the Million Dollar Round Table, USA, after he had achieved record-breaking performance in the Malaysian life insurance industry. He was the recipient of over 100 company performance awards during his ten years in the insurance and financial planning sector with SimeAXA Insurance. He has received multiple honorary doctorates from European, Asian and American universities and many chivalric awards, and is a Diplomat to the World Human Rights Service Council of the United Nations. His doctoral studies led to the award of the degree of PhD from the Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka.

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