Liberty University or SNHU for Healthcare admin

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    Hello all!

    I am having a really tough time deciding which school is best to pursue an online degree in for a bachelors of science in Healthcare Administration. Out of the two schools; Liberty University or Southern New Hampshire University, which would you choose and why? Also, have any of you guys graduated with a degree in healthcare admin and have a great career? I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences!
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    What helped you narrow down your searches to these two schools? Have you looked at the Big 3 (Charter Oak, Excelsior, Thomas Edison) or the competency-based programs such as the one at WGU? The program you're looking at isn't part of either schools ACBSP accreditation list, Thomas Edison's program isn't on their list either. These programs are basically "Business Admin" degrees with a Healthcare Admin/Management Area Of Study Concentration.

    Have you completed an Associates degree? Do you have credits already? I would recommend getting all your general education courses and the lower level Health Care admin courses completed at a college level and then transfer to your school of choice. Liberty, SNHU, and WGU may allow up to 90 credits for transfer into their programs, that being said - COSC allows 114 and Excelsior/TESU allows up to 117 credits transferred.

    Each schools program lists classes that are required, the majority of the 90 credits will be identical, the final 30 credits you take at the school would be different - Liberty has 9 credits in "Christian Studies", SNHU doesn't, the amount of HCA courses differ too. Find out what "you" want to study, and the number of courses you want to take from the school to get familiar with what is required of your future occupation.

    Essentially, Look at their course list/curriculum, then decide later which school is the one of your choice, after you have at least the general education and lower level HCA courses completed. I would recommend check out the school curriculum, if you can complete everything at an online community college and transfer into the Big 3, it would be cheaper/easier/faster.

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