Liberia Health Minister Confesses, NO ST.LUKE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

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    Liberia Health Minister Confesses, NO ST.LUKE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

    April 22, 2005
    Posted to the web April 22, 2005

    Says: "My Advisers Misled Me" After fiercely defending the existence of a purported medical college which his professional colleagues had rowdily denounced, Health Minister Peter S. Coleman now appears to have realized that he was being "misled" by his "expert advisers."

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    Thank you so much for your ongoing attention to this situation, Mr. Hughson.

    I especially like the line in the article that says "Coleman soon began to receive the rude socks of his credibility when officials of the medical board distanced themselves from his claims."

    I know a number of people who own a pair or two of rude socks.
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    Dr. Bear, it is the work of people on this forum and especially your work that inspires me to know that we need to keep at this. There are still a few bad actor medical schools and with the continued work of all we'll help clean this up. The bad actors see what can't hide from the truth. Thanks for your support.
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    St. Luke delisted

    St. Luke School of Medicine-Liberia was removed from the list by ECFMG, the group that recognized students education to allow them to take entrance exams in the US. It is as if St. Luke never existed. The graduates of this school now have a degree from a school that never existed under the Liberian law.

    Dean Hughson
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    VAE victis?

    Yeah. What Bear said.

    Also, Dean, judging from other migratory patterns, a school that gets its hash settled in Liberia may just migrate to France and become nouvelle cuisine (less is more, except when less is just less).

    Also, Minister Coleman's candour is a refreshing step toward civil society under the Lone Star. More power to him.
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    Liberian Minister of Health suspended over St. Luke fiasco


    May 18, 2005
    Author: J. Cholo Brooks / Liberia

    Liberian Minister of Health, Dr. Peter Coleman has been suspended for time indefinate by the Liberia Dental and Medical Association (LMDA) for his alleged involvement in operation of bogus St. Luke Medical School.

    According to a local daily quoting a letter addressed to Dr. Coleman, the LMDA based its findings as it relates to the operation of St. Luke Medical School in Liberia, recommended to the organization's Executive Council, the immediate suspension of the Health Minister from the LMDA will be in full swing pending the outcome of the investogation.

    The indefinite suspension comes in the wake of a committee set up to investigate the existance of the school, according to LMDA after a careful review of documents it was discovered among other things that the act empowering the school to operate in Liberia was fraudulent, the school's Board of Directors was also discovered bogus, and that Dr. Coleman heavily participated in the operation of the school through attestation of bogus documents.

    Based on these foindings, the LMDA suspension letter indicates, "Due to your inmvolvement and full participation in the operation of bogus St. Luke Medical School, we recommend to the Executive Council that you be suspended for toime indefinite from the Liberia Medical and Dental SAssociation pending the final outcome of the St. Luke Medical School issue.

    In a related development, last week it was reported in another local daily that the NTLA joint committee on Health and Social Welfare, Education and Public Administration recommended to their colleagues the arrest of Dr. Coleman and his associates for deceiving the Liberian public and putting the lives of Liberian citizens and foreign residents in danger.

    According to the paper, when arrested, Dr. Coleman abd his 'collaborators will be charged with forgery and counterfeiting, malfeasance, nonfeasance and prejury for their alleged involvement in the operation of bogus St. Luke Medical School.

    When our Monrovia Correspondent contacted the Liberian Health Minister Tuesday his Director of Public Relations said his Minister was not prepared to address himself on the issue, but rather at a later date.
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    From the civil-society p.o.v., this is even better.

    Thanks for the updates, Dean.

    Go get 'em.

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