Letter To Kerry From Bush Campaign

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by BLD, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. BLD

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  2. Mr. Engineer

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    Ahh - more crapola from our resident Whitehouse Chimp.

    To think, only two more months until we get rid of this Coward in Chief and his Haliburton Whore VP.

    Say what you want about Kerry, I could care less. This is not about Kerry anyway. It is about a President who couldn't run a lawnmower let alone a country.

    Hey - I read the world's thinnest books by GW himself titled

    "What I accomplished as President"

    Buh buh Bush, don't let that door hit you on the ass on the way out. Don't forget to put the Ashcroft out on the curb with the garbage.
  3. Mr. Engineer, I cannot improve upon your words in the last post.

  4. BLD

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    Mr Engineer,
    It is your kind of attitude that is going to get G.W. (one of the top 5 greatest Presidents ever) re-elected.

  5. oxpecker

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    And I thought this was a DL board...
  6. Barry, I've looked at your web site. I think you and I would have had a lot more fun during your "teen years".

    Best wishes to you in any case - and may God help you see the error of your ways!
  7. Mr. Engineer

    Mr. Engineer member

    Keep dreaming. I have been voting since 1980 and frankly have never seen a more divided nation and a President who has done more to divide people than GW. Time for this Chimp to go back to
    Texas where he belongs.
  8. BDev

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    I agree with the letter. I don't understand why anyone would anyone want someone like Kerry in office. He changes sides (on various issues) more times than some of us change clothes. <--That makes it hard to know where he stands (today-- and with him that's always subject to change). I worked for Dick Cheney during the first Gulf War-->he is a tried and proven leader (working for him encouraged me to re-enlist). I'm not a Bush fan but I know that I would never want a president in office who would wage a "sensitive" war against terrorism. As far as I'm concerned: "better the devil that you do know than the one that you don't".
  9. AV8R

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    Sadly, this is the typical reason why many people are voting for Kerry. It's not that they can make a compelling argument as to why Kerry would make a better president; rather, it's all about hating Bush. Since we're advocating the "anybody but Bush" doctrine, why don't we just put Gary Coleman in the White House and be done with it?
  10. Mr. Engineer

    Mr. Engineer member

    Yes, it is sad. It is sad that people would even consider voting for a failed President. We have a President that was handed the Presidency on a silver platter, much like he was handed several businesses (before the Neo's get started, he failed at both of his business ventures despite his connections), and yet is a miserable failure.

    Is Kerry the best choice? No. Was Bush the best choice for the Republican candidate in 2000? Not by any measure. His dad was a miserable failure as well. Both of them should have listened to the Reagan school of leadership, and the Clinton school of charisma, they might have learned something. But, as typical of people who don't start at the bottom like most of us, they didn't think they had to listen and learn.

    Even as a moderate, I would vote for a demogogue such as Buchanan over Bush. At least he doesn't have the arrogance to think god is on his side.

    Do I hate Bush? No -- but alas most of the the Faux News Network crowd can only see the black and white of things.
  11. Howard

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  12. Llexlon

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    I find it hard to believe that any college educated adult could consider voting for a democrat. My basis for this statement is that the educational requirements show obviously intelligent people who can understand the basics in life. Remember when we were kids and had the toy with a square, circle and triangle peg to go into matching holes.............................that is how homosexuality is........it is not hard to figure out which goes with which.

    I do not have ill feelings towards homosexuality, but I just do not understand how intelligent people cannot figure this one out. That does not mean that I do not believe there is credible evidence as to the causes, but it should be treated and people cured. Anyway, I could never vote for a party that supports such an obviously flawed thought process. I am sure some of you will disagree, but think about it at an elementary level before you answer.

    Bush may be flawed, but atleast he believes in something, which is more than alot of us can say.
  13. BinkWile

    BinkWile New Member

    Top 5 Presidents of all time?? You mean to tell me that George Bush's name deserves to be included with such names as Lincoln, Washington, FDR, Wilson, and Jefferson, (as ranked by the latest report)??

    I think W's name will be rememebred wih such names as Nixon, Hayes, and Buchanan.

    Kerry (if elected) may not fare much better however.

    I think that if a true Republican/Conservative such as McCain had been elected in 2000, he would rank up there with the top five, if not in the next tier with Reagan, Truman, and Eisenhower.
  14. Khan

    Khan New Member

    Top five

    Top five campaigners maybe. To avoid the war and then attack Max Cleland, John McCain and Kerry on their war records; and then get away with it. It's amazing.
  15. BLD

    BLD New Member

    I don't know that I would rank all that you did as high as you did, but yes, I would definitely put G.W. in the top five, if not the top three of all time.

    And McCain? Puhleeze. He needs to just go ahead and cross over to the Democrats and get it over with.
  16. BLD

    BLD New Member

    Please document where Bush has personally attacked these guys on their war records?
  17. Myoptimism

    Myoptimism New Member

    LOL. Are you serious?
  18. BinkWile

    BinkWile New Member

    I didn't rank them that way, the last poll/report did. I forget the exact name of the poll (ergo why I'm having trouble naming it) , it was mentioned recently all over the news by the 24 hour news media channels.

    By the way, I quoted the wrong poll, it was th 1984 poll I quoted.

    The new rankings are: Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman.

    If someone knows the name of that report, please respond so. Here's a website with the results:

    By the way, why do you consider McCain to be a Democrat-wannabe? Has this country become so divided and partisan that one cannot be sympathetic to both sides of an ideaology? Can't someone be liberal on one issue, and conservative on another?

    What this country need (in my opinion) is the rise of a strong thrid party. Unfortunately that will never happen based on financial and social issues.
  19. BinkWile

    BinkWile New Member

    Ummm... then how do you feel about Cheney's recent comments on Gay Marriage??

    Additionally, I know many very intelligent people that are also homosexuals. How do you explain that one?

    Also, why can't someone be a democrat and be against a gay marriage ban? Since when does it say that you have to be a complete leftist if you are a democrat?? Can't you have conservative opinions too?
  20. BLD

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    I've never liked McCain very much. I do agree with you that not everyone has to tow the party line on every issue, but McCain is a media grandstander that often attempts to throw a wrench in the Republican machinery. I don't think it would be a stretch to say that he is the Republican's Zell Miller.


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