Leftist mainstream media to be replaced with honest journalism

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    The Lord put President Donald Trump into the White House, despite the "fake news polls and stories" of the leftists mainstream media. Similarly, if the mainstream media does not stop it's production of fake news, then the Lord will replace the employment (of those who are doing it) with honest journalists.

    The Lord established President Trump to be a wrecking ball to political correctness. The Lord will also replace the employment of dishonest mainstream media journalists with honest reporters. The American mainstream media is going to be restored to integrity, as it used to be.

    It is coming.

    jhp, that's an outstanding breakdown of the article. It is "fake news" with a dishonest journalistic spin. The mainstream media has:
    - lost credibility
    - lost journalistic integrity

    Honest change will be forthcoming during the eight years of President Donald Trump. American journalistic integrity will be restored.

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