Learning how to learn better. Suggestions?

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    I'm finally doing something I should have quite a long time ago- learning an array of techniques to help me learn faster and recall more reliably.

    There are 3 areas I'm working on, and I feel like they are a complete set of skills that feed well off each other, but I'd love to get suggestions from anyone that has other ideas or know of something I've missed.

    1) Recording Information

    I'm going to try learning a shorthand technique- I'm thinking the Gregg method, though there are many other systems. This should help me to write notes significantly faster and have significantly less physical strain when doing so.

    2) Note Taking Systems

    I love the idea of a 1-2 punch of being able to input an effective short hand system into an effective note taking system.

    I've started using the Cornell note system, and while it's a little awkward, I find it serves its purpose well. It's creates good, concise, source material to then transfer into either a mind map or a flow chart, depending on the content.

    I find mind maps and mind webs be very intuitive, since I was often required to make them in middle and high school, but I definitely need more practice making my flow charts less convoluted.

    3) Memory Systems

    A 1-2-3 punch! After imputing shorthand into my note systems, I can then input my note systems into my memory systems!

    There are endless mnemonic techniques out there, but the ones that facinate me the most are the mnemonic Major System and the Memory Palace. I've also found that using color codes help me to make mental mind maps when I'm listening without taking notes (first topic is red, second is orange, third is yellow, etc).

    Lastly, to cement information more reliably, I plan on using the Spaced Interval technique- to convince my brain that the memories are worthy of permanence. For the things I never want to forget, I'd extend the last interval as long as a year.

    All in all, I think I have the whole process covered, but maybe there's something I've missed, or there are other great ideas I've never heard about that you can share?

    I'm putting most of my other personal development projects on hold until I feel confident in my new abilities, since the hope is that I'll be more effective in those projects from now on
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