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    Recently, in my country, there is a South Korean opening a cyber university and offering degrees (it is legal there and already granted permission from the government).

    I do a bit of research, they are from a project called: Asean cyber university project

    After doing a bit more research, I realized that actually there are several other cyber universities in Korea, and some of them offering degrees to a foreigner!

    For example:
    1. Hanyang Cyber University
    The only barrier is that you expected to be able to understand Korean because it is delivered in Korean.
    They offer academic programs ranging from Engineering to Social sciences!

    2. The Cyber University of Korea
    They also offer a huge variety of academics programs.
    When I click the admission ( http://go.cuk.edu/enter/index.do ) all is on Korean.

    3. Global Cyber University
    They accept credit transfer. http://eng.global.ac.kr/user/nd34101.do
    They have some lectures in English. I am not sure if the Bachelor are in 100% English.

    4. Seoul Cyber University
    Christian campus. Brochure: http://www.iscu.ac.kr/ebrochure/SCU_EBook_2019/scu_eng.pdf

    Any many others. This is a relatively new project. While the cyber university is not really new, they starting to create a full English website and open the possibility for a foreigner to study there. The program they are offering is really good and has a huge variety. The price is also very affordable. I think it is part to spread Korean culture worldwide.

    If someone have time, maybe can ask the admission counselor if they are accepting foreigner :D

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