Kerry preferred over Bush 5 to 1!

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by John Bear, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Clay

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    Intelligent Liberals

    I suggest they move to Canada, join the passive folks who are incapable of defending themselves,and bore the terrorists to death. Fortunatelly, we have the 82nd,101st,173rd,and SF covering their 6 so they can blather about their Socialist agenda. It is amazing that those involved in the fight, despise Kerry and his alleged intellectual backers. The military hated Clinton and Kerry is far more liberal.
  2. Clay

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    Tom57 could write the terrorists a disertation. They would fall asleep, or commit suicide, to forego the boredom.
  3. Clay

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    In my haste, to hunt and peck through my thread, I failed to acknowledge all the troups involved. I consider all military personnel,except a few NG(I just joined for the educational benefits. I don't want to fight. I'm an intellect,which way is Canada?),Superior to all the professional students and their mentors. I'm particular to SF, but all SOF including" kick-ass" Rangers, SEALS etc...are going to save the day. Despite the usless liberal media and the Kerry/Kennedy et al lovers. One GI=100,000 liberals. And that just means an injury. One GI death trumps all (Lets discuss the problem. We're all brothers. Lets dance.) liberals. Of course I'll be giged for my writing, but the giggers could become the giggies if they persue their agenda. I await the lightning and thunder.
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    That's PURSUE. I'll kick myself.
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    This just goes to show that the higher education and common sense are inversely proportional. :D :D
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    All of that money raised on both sides for a low paying job full of headaches and stress where almost half of the people will hate you no matter what you do.
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    The Republicans are supposed to be the party of the rich.

    So if the college educated favor Kerry but the wealthy favor Bush, then education must be inversely correlated with wealth.

    Stereotypes needn't be consistent, I guess.

    I do find it kind of fascinating how left true-believers like to pretend that they are smarter than their opponents, while right true-believers pretend that they are more moral.
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    I concur. I am glad to have a nice nation next to us. May we always help each other!! :cool:
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    Bravo! The deconstructionalist nonsense from the ABB camp is nauseating at times!
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    Re: Intelligent Liberals

    Canadian Vietnam Veterans.

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