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    KWU never had public respect. There's nothing to "regain."

    The "jurisdiction of the U.S. courts" is completely irrelevant in regards to the legitimacy of a credential.

    You say you are interested in earning a Ph.d. I don't know if you are interested in teaching, but, even if not, I think this will give you a good indication of what you are dealing with:

    As far as I know, there are NO legitimate schools in the U.S. that will categorically deny degrees earned from Australia or South Africa.

    As far as I know, there are NO legitimate schools in the U.S. that will knowingly accept a K-W Ph.D. as a legitimate credential. (Including K-W itself, ironically) And yes, there are instructors who teach with a K-W degree, but in every case I have seen, they got the job based on a prior accredited degree.

    If you want a bogus degree, just print it yourself. It will be just as legitimate, and much cheaper.
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    Please read the informational text in Bears' Guide that is at the beginning of each chapter. It states in there something to the effect that only a subset of the degree mill type schools are actually in the degree mill chapter. Many of the degree mill operators are dishonorable, dishonest, and vindictive. They have too much money that they don't know what to do with. Some apparently like to sue others for the joy, fun, and sadistic pleasure of causing others anguish and problems even when they know that they are going to lose. Dr. Bear has sufferred a number of such frivolous lawsuits.

    What it means to me when a school is not in the degree mill chapter is only that it MIGHT not be a degree mill. If one of the the institutions in the "Other" or "Miscellaneous" chapters fits the profile of a degree mill then I call it a degree mill. This generic degree mill profile matches KWU very well. As a matter of fact, KWU has very recently added another check mark to its matching the degree mill profile. That is the tendency to file lawsuits when others call them substandard rather than cleaning up their act and ensuring standard academic credentials. My opinion is that KWU is a degree mill. Once an institution falls into that category, I've never heard of any institution pulling themselves out of that cesspool.
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    Hey 1stlt

    For once I agree with all of the replies about a school. It is based on first hand knowledge. I was suckered into the KWU game. It did not dawn on me that something was not quite right about the admissions process until after I was in it for a while. [Note: I had enrolled prior to the Senate hearing that focused on KWU]. I applied for and was "accepted" LOL at me, into the doctorate program for health administration. After 3 courses and about $3k later I woke up. This school did not request transcripts or verify my work history. I called the university and requested a refund and certified mail to drop out of this program. They were quick to take me out of the Bb [Blackboard Program] and stopping the bills on my credit card. IF you request a refund before 30 days of (I think it is 30 days) of enrolling you will get your money back minus the application fee.

    RUN RUN RUN my man... The courses I completed were good but the repsonses from the professors were very slow in coming when I had questions. Why my opinion that this school is substandard is the fact that they did not verify any of my creditials, none, not one of them. I do not put credibility into a school that does not do their homework. RUN RUN. TRUST me from experience.

    I have been checking out a lot of online universities offering master's and doctorate degrees after that episode through emails, getting catalogs/materials, talking with professors and students of these universities. [I will not discredit a school unless I know from contacting the school via the means stated above based solely on personal opinion or opinions of others without credible resources] Some are worthless but I have found quite a few that are not regionally accredited that offer good programs, have well qualified professors and do verify work histories and mandate transcripts. One of these universities would not accept any transfer credits from KWU> they laughed. Did so just to check to see if they would. That did make me feel better about the school that would not accept the credits. It is a school that most of the individuals on this site declare a diploma mill [I don't from researching the school] so I want get into that because the postings will fly [LOL]. Been there and done that here. Got brow beat so to speak.

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    KW replies

    I wanted to thank everyone for the replies since Monday. The posts were great!!! I came home from work yesterday evening to have a KW Academic advisor message on my answering machine. He stated, that I would have to call him, that he will not be calling me back.... No Problemo!!! I also waso was duped by a school ( Columbus Univ) 5 years ago, so I am extremely cautious now. How they got me was to get a SallieMae Financial Loan. I thought to myself, A bank as alarge as SallieMAe would only deal with legit schools. What I learned from that experience was the dollar is a powerful tool. I use the website to verfiy schools. If I can't get financial through the federal gov't to pay for it, then the school is not worth my time.

    Thanks again (Everyone)!!!

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    Hey First Lieutenant: Best wishes to you and welcome to the board. Greatly reassured about the thumb. Regards, Janko the Mad Priest
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    "Will NO ONE rid me of this meddlesome priest?"

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