Keller Graduate School of Mgmt

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by speedoflight, Feb 26, 2001.

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    I'm somewhat familiar with them - a friend of mine had taught for them in the past. I believe DeVry is for profit. Overall, they appear to be in the same class as University of Phoenix - high price, proprietary and more about money than education. From my perspective, I'd look elsewhere.

    Thanks - Andy

  3. speedoflight

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    Does Keller have a good reputation or does it have a less than favorable rep? I've actually never really heard of Keller. I saw an ad on DeVry and went to their site. From the DeVry site, you can get to Keller.
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    They have a fairly good reputation IMHO. (My company has hired a few grads from there.) I've also taken graduate level classes with some of the graduates from their undergrad school (Devry). They all held their own very well.

    Devry and Keller fall outside the norms of academia. They are a for-profit school that is owned by a corporation. This has positives and negatives.

    On the positive side they are generally more responsive to market conditions and marketability of their students than are traditional schools. They generally work closer with businesses to gauge exactly what they are looking for in graduates and attempt to taylor their students to meet those needs. (They make money from placement also!)

    On the negative side they are controlled by the same market forces that any corporation is: Stock price, mergers, cost controls, etc.

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