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    Does anyone have any experience with this degree from Kaplan (or the Bachelors as opposed to the Advanced Start).

    I am trying to find out if this degree is in fact Accredited or not. Information seems to be very sketchy, and im just trying to get things straight before I decide to start taking classes and put myself into debt for a degree / classes that wont transfer to anyplace else. Thank you in advance!

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    So as long as the school is Accredited, the degree in question is also considered to be from that Accredited school correct?
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    If the degree is issued by the school, then the degree is considered accredited to the level of the school.

    The matter gets more complicated in grad school.

    I'd personally go to WGU or Capitol or Carnegie Mellon over Kaplan (not in that order)
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    My reason for being interested in Kaplan is becuase of the Advanced Start degree. Ive currently only got an associates degree, however, I could get a bachelors in 18 months, plus ive already worked in the IT field as an administrator for 9 years now. This would give me the opportunity to get my bachelors degree and make myself more marketable to higher paying employers. My wife and I are wanting to adopt, and we are not getting any younger (currently 35) so this may be the best option for us. Adoption isnt cheap, so I need to increase my income dramatically.

    Are there other accredited online programs similar to Kaplan, that would offer the Advanced Start that anyone is aware of?
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    I used to teach at Kaplan, and I would not recommend entering any degree program at the school. Student enrollment is dropping like crazy, due to issues with financial aid and advising, and other problems. Basically, they will do anything to get someone to enroll, then do not provide support needed, and many students have an excessive amount of student loans. The tuition is quite high, and the reputation of the school is poor, and getting worse. I would stay away at all costs.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Recommend Fort Hays State University with $160.00 per credit.
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    I have no direct experience with KaplanU or Fort Hays myself, but since a potential employer will likely regard them equally, go with the one that has lower tuition ... Fort Hays seems pretty well regarded on these boards.

    Another inexpensive option (though again I have no personal knowledge of it) would be Peru State College, it's listed as a business admin degree, guess that's good if that kinda program is what you're looking for ... $180/credit:
    Business Administration - B.S - Computer & Management Information Systems
    Online Programs - Peru State College

    I tried to find a page that states Kaplan's tuition rates ... and it was rather difficult (not a good sign eh?) ... but I did find this page:
    Which says that their 180 credit BSc program costs $66,780 which works out to $371/credit. So, over twice as much as FHSU or Peru ...
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    Thank you very much racechick8293. Ive been seeing a lot of bad information on Kaplan (mostly bad) and its making me look at things a lot closer than I had originally thought I would have to. The best thing about the program for me was the Advanced Start and I could actually complete a bachelors in about 18 months (since ive already got an AS). I now believe im just going to have to bite the bullet and start (basically from scratch) with a full blow bachelors degree from another institution. I just cant see risking it with Kaplan at this point.

    Thank you to everyone else who has provided information in this thread as well. Its very much appreciated!
  11. racechick8293

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    Here's the detailed info on the program you've mentioned.

    It Degrees Online - Information Technology Degrees Online | Kaplan University

    The tuition is $371/credit, for a total of $33,390 for TWO years at a school with a so-so (at best) reputation. For that much money, I would more highly recommend Northeastern University's Fast-Track program in IT at $310/credit for the online program. While I don't have any firsthand experience with them, I've heard many positive statements about their programs and reputation.

    Degree in Information Technology | BS Degree Technology-Northeastern College of Professional Studiest

    I agree with the others that there are many other options that are cheaper and more highly respected. I would suggest researching the option of local colleges that may also offer the degree online.

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