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    On another news group, Rodger asked: <<Anyone know anything about kaplan college? Is this online college any good and accredited, etc?

    Kaplan College is owned and operated by the very large Kaplan test preparation company, which in turn is owned by the multi-billion-dollar Washington Post company. They are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (www.detc.org), a recognized accreditor. And Kaplan, in turn, op0erates the Concord Law School with an on-line law degree that qualifies one to take the California Bar.

    So yes, it is beyond reproach, although, as has already been discussed in this forum, degrees accredited by DETC do not have as wide an acceptance as those with regional accreditation. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Kaplan has a date with the Southern Association in its future, to begin pursuit of regional accreditation.

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    I hesitate to question the master, but I think Dr. Bear's response is not quite right. Kaplan is confusing because the names of their colleges have changed. But AFAIK the umbrella organization is called "The Kaplan Colleges" with the individual colleges now called "The College for Professional Studies" (DETC-accredited), "Concord Law School" (DETC-accredited) and "Kaplan College" (NCA-accredited). So with the current naming, "Kaplan College" is a regionally accredited institution offering business and information systems programs. Confusing because the name has changed twice in the last year from American Institute of Commerce (AIC) to Quest College to Kaplan College.

    (Hopefully this dissent won't get me banned from the moderated forum.)

  3. John Bear

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    Now I'm really confused. The 2001 Higher Education Directory lists Kaplan College (Florida) as accredited by DETC. The DETC site (www.detc.org) lists Kaplan College (FL) and Concord University (CA) as accredited by them. I don't think I had heard that Kaplan was doing things in the North Central region.
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    Well, as it turns out, NCA lists them on their web site. Just plug in Kaplan on the following page:

    They are listed as being in Iowa (?!?)

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  6. John Bear

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    The website makes clear that Kaplan College #1, of Boca Raton, Florida, also has a campus in Davenport Iowa, and is accredited by North Central.

    And Kaplan College #2 is in the process of changing its name to the College for Professional Studies, and they are at the same address in Boca Raton, but with different phone numbers, and are accredited by DETC.

    Things are just more confusing in Florida than most places.

    John Bear

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