Kansas Students Walk Out on Online, Personalized Learning

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    Due to budget cuts, schools in Kansas started using a web-based platform and curriculum called Summit Learning. Students work at their own pace on a Chromebook; the curriculum is personalized to each student. It sounds a lot like competency-based learning, especially the personalized learning programs at Northern Arizona University. I've said many times that research has found that young people perform worse in online classes than they do in face-to-face classes. So, it's no surprise that students had such a negative reaction to a competency-based program, which is probably even worse than being in a traditional, online class.

    Not only did students at Wellington High School in Kansas walk out, but there have been walkouts and protests in other states over Summit Learning. Some parents have even pulled their children out of public schools. Some students have been complaining of eyestrain and feeling isolated.

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    No surprise regarding the poor fit. Kudos to the kids for walking out.

    My concern is that there will be some on the anti-online learning side using this as an example against all of online learning including the collegiate level. Stories like these are good, but it's unfortunate how they often are twisted.
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