Kaboom: yet another time bomb for senate candidate Christine O'Donnell

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by John Bear, Sep 29, 2010.

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    You should follow the Grayson (Harvard graduate) ads from the Grayson-Webster race in Florida. For example Webster (who is religous) said at a conference in 2009 regarding bible verses" Don’t pick the ones that say, ‘She should submit to me.’" Grayson came out with an ad that says "Daniel Webster wants women to stay in abusive marriages" and "Religious fanatics tried to take away our freedom in Afghanistan, in Iran and right here in Central Florida,". Spoken like a true Harvard Law School graduate. This one is really going to get good!
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    The amount of lies, quotes out of context and just plain silliness from our politicians is enough to make a person want to live in a shack in Montana.
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    To clarify... The tea party is not the problem. That would be giving that movement too much credit. The tea party is simply the current manifestation of the larger problem of apathy and willful ignorance (thanks for the snippet thomas_jefferson) that pervades the bulk of the voters in this country.

    The tea party has its points (open-source principles being one of my favorites), but I find it tiresome to wade through all the self-righteous, neo-religious, fear mongering hysteria to get to the substance. We live in a sound-byte society, and the tea party is the king of the sound-byte, and so they drive the vote.

    Well, kudos to them, but that doesn't make them anything other than good at driving the vote.
  4. Speaking of sound bytes, I love that Glenn Beck and others have to plead with them not to bring signs or wear t-shirts with inflammatory statements in order to give the illusion that they're all sane, average Americans. It is like the adults have to tell the children to behave in public.
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    Why don't you post a source for that statement? Then why in your opinion did the huge Labor day tea Party rally with Glen Beck and Sarah Palin did the Lincoln Mermorial get left in better shape than before they arrived without even as much as a cigarette but left behind after several hundred thousand camped out there? Glen Beck sure didn't tell them to clean up before they left. But of course you won't see that posted in the liberal media.

    "As the rally was getting closer to starting, we saw people all throughout the crowd hold up garbage bags and ask if others in the crowd could take some of them and disperse them, so that no trash would be left behind. These were just rally attendees — all of them women, we noticed, and clearly moms — who took on the expense and duty of bringing the industrial-sized stretchy Glad Bags with them so that they could not only take care of their own families’ trash, but the trash of those around them too. Throughout the day, these Momma Grizzlies periodically called out for trash and made sure those Glad Bags were passed around. We’re beyond “glad” they did that, as the rally site looked CLEANER when Glenn Beck’s crowd left than when we all got there…unlike what the Obama cultists did to the National Mall for his Inauguration."

    Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally was one large “Festival of Kindness” « HillBuzz
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    Speaking of the differences in how the grounds were left in comparing the Obama inauguration and the Glen Beck Rally. Tried to edit and ad this to my previous post, but it was more than 10 minutes later.
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    As a skeptic (and non-aligned voter) I am always skeptical of claims such as those on the link you provided. Is there verification of these litter claims from independant sources (e.g. the NPS)? I note in one video the wind is blowing dust and litter - did this litter originate with attendees or was it blown from some other source such as blown over trash cans? I have no idea but I often don't take the word of media or other reports without verifying them if I can.
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    Okay "non-aligned voter", I guess I consider myself non-aligned as well. I consider myself independent, definitely anti-leftist, and not tea party, although I completely understand where they are coming from. But you try to discredit what I post and my couple sources, but comments like the following with no burden of proof, and you stay completely silent? Right "non-aligned voter"...

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  9. I didn't cite a source because I wasn't writing an academic paper and I thought the no-signs rule was well known considering Glenn Beck pleaded with his audience regularly about it before the rally and on his web site:

    Beck says his event, "Restoring Honor," is not intended to rally voters to the polls in November's midterm elections. No signs are allowed, and not one elected official currently in office will be part of the program.

    Glenn Beck Rally Will Test Tea Party Strength - CBS News
    Restoring Honor - 8.28.10

    There's a couple sources, if interested.

    I am very happy that Glenn Beck's cadre of ill-informed boobs left the park better than they found it. Even children, if properly prompted, can sometimes be on their best behavior in public. ;)
  10. djacks24

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    So how does a statement he made to whoever was interviewing him just stating no signs are allowed equal;

    This is exactly what I mean about the liberal media. Prime example of why I can't stand liberals. At least when I was in college the most important thing I learned was don't believe anything I hear, make my own decisions through critical thinking and research. Obviously, if you did even go to college (which I doubt, unless it was a diploma mill) you were with a doubt taught to ask no questions and drink the kool-aid.

    But I have to remember you are the same individual that wouldn't see the difference between say an individual graduating from U of M Flint or U of M Dearborn as being identical to graduating from U of M.
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  11. You, um, understand that I am a conservative, right?

    I stand by my statement: Glenn Beck was pleading on both his radio show and television show for people not to bring signs or wear outrageous t-shirts to his rally. Period. That's an absolute fact. I watch/listen to Beck regularly, I am not getting this information second hand through the "liberal media".

    Now you're saying I went to a diploma mill? What are you even talking about? You've completely lost your mind.
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    by that argument I could say I'm trying for a degree at harvard medical school
    and I'm also trying for a degree at westpoint
    and I'm also trying for a degree in aeronautical engineering at MIT

    should I put those three items down on my resume

    she lied. plain, pure and simple
    no one is taking anything out of context
  13. james_lankford

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    you are neither independent nor non-aligned

    you're previous post "But of course you won't see that posted in the liberal media." "This is exactly what I mean about the liberal media. Prime example of why I can't stand liberals." shows that clearly
  14. djacks24

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    You watch/listen to Beck regularly, and yet have nothing good to say about him or the Tea Party? Myself, I think he is a little full of himself along with Rush. I'm more of a Mark Levin fan myself. Apologize for the diploma mill comment. Still don't understand why you can't give an actual source for what you insist on seeing and hearing from Beck, but whatever.
  15. I also listen to Rachel Maddow and read a hodgepodge of liberal/conservative media. In my opinion, it is important to hear diverse perspectives.

    I can't find a YouTube clip with Glenn Beck asking his viewers not to bring signs/wear t-shirts. Apparently no one thought it clip-worthy.
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    I agree. However, I tried to sit through an interview on PBS newshour with Speaker Nancy Pilosi last night and found myself biting my tongue to keep from yelling the TV. She is so completely in denial it drives me crazy!
  17. The interesting thing about Maddow is that she has a PhD in political science from Oxford and was a Rhodes Scholar. Not many talk show hosts have that kind of distinction. It certainly doesn't make her right but she's usually pretty thoughtful and engaging.The PBS Newshour and NPR can be surprising good despite their liberal slant. I like Neil Cavuto's show on the right. I wish Fox would give Charles Krauthammer his own show rather than just being a guest on Bret Baier's show. He's a staunch conservative, Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard M.D., and best of all, irreligious/rational. ;)
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    Krauthammer's also a regular on Inside Washington, and is interesting there as well.

  19. Bruboy

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    Dr. Krauthammer was paralyzed during his first year of medical school but went on to graduate and become Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. To me he is a very impressive and strong willed individual. He accomplished all that prior to all his journalistic achievements.
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    Or thinking with the wrong cabeza. :)

    You bust me up TT (aka Teodorito Travieso) :)

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