Just Graduated: Review of Baker College Online/Nova Southeastern University MBA

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    It’s been two and a half years since I first began looking at an online degree program to finish my bachelor’s degree in. After buying Dr. Bear’s book and spending months research and using this forum, I decided to get my bachelor’s at Baker College in Flint, MI www.baker.edu.

    My decision to go there was based on the following factors:

    1) Number of credits transferred in – they took in almost all of my previous credits
    2) Regionally Accredited
    3) Experiential credit given
    4) Short amount of time to complete degree program

    The last one was important to me. I was accepted into the Business Administration, Corporate Track that gives you the foundation of business in approx. 12 courses. Each course is six credits and lasts six weeks each. I was able to take two classes a semester, but one at a time. The courses were intense with a lot of work but were very manageable.

    I not only learned book knowledge but I also learned how to be disciplined as each course had work that needed to be completed within a certain amount of time. This discipline has helped me survive the first few weeks of my MBA program at Nova Southeastern University. I am doing a combination of online and on campus courses at Nova currently.

    The bad side to Baker, it is very hard to reach administration/financial aid staff and they are kind of rude or indifferent. Also, if you take this same program and wish to go on for the MBA, make sure your Accounting class and Research class qualify for financial accounting and statistics, respectively, as prerequisites for your school. Those two classes are currently under review at Nova for me.

    I’ll post an MBA update in 2005! Thank you for all of the advice!

    Gilbert Labossiere
    BBA, Baker College 12/03
    MBA, Nova Southeastern University 08/05
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    Thanks for the update on your program and good luck at NSU.

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    While I was browsing the profiles of several employers at the Chronicle's website this morning. I was stunned to learn that 81% of Nova's students are on-campus students. Isn't it amazing? These students attend classes at various locations in South Florida. Nova's profile is here.

    A fragment of the profile is posted below.


    The university's programs are administered through academic centers that offer courses at the Fort Lauderdale campuses, as well as at locations throughout Florida, across the nation, and at selected international sites in the Caribbean, Canada, China, Greece, Israel, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Despite the geographic diversity of sites where classes are offered, 81 percent of the student body attends classes in Florida.


    Ike Okonkwo, PhD
    (Nova Southeastern University, 2003)
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    I forgot to wish you .......

    Hi Gilbert:

    Good luck with your studies at Nova.


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