Just got a new job ( dl degree helped )

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by codekiller, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. codekiller

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    hey all,

    I just recently got a new job for a help desk position for the gov. The dl degree did help alot the asked about and a word of at vice would be to print out you assignment list you completed in class and bring them with incase they ask about your degree the only reason she asked me about it is because aiu online is located in georga and Im in st.louis and I told her I was currently enrolled. I told what I had done in class she was impressed with the classwork we had done she called my references that day and offered me the job 2 days later.

    what I Learn from the interview

    1 Be able to explain your Schoolwork thoroughly!

    2. Bring examples of your work via assignment list

    3. Make sure you let your interview know how much harder it is to obtian your degree online !

    4. Be honest ! I think this helped alot I didnt try to hide it was online degree when she asked how I obtained it ,but when you state what it is be prepared for a lot a questions about your program!
  2. Natdog73

    Natdog73 New Member

    Congradulations!! :)

    I've learned that a most ferderal employment opportunities favor education a strong plus as requirements. Even most contract positions with the feds are that way. They will credit you for a bachelors or a masters even if you have limited experience.

    I can speak from experience. I start a new network engineering job with a big defense contractor today and I remeber the first thing the manager asked me during a phone interview. She had a OLD version of my resume and I was stilling working on my Bachelors at the time I applied to the position. I graduated back in September. She ask me, "I see you are moving towards a Bachelors, are you done with it yet?" I told her I yes and she said "good, it's importmant for this position."

    Good luck to you and Congrads again! :)
  3. Ike

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  4. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations. It is a great feeling when the hard work shows results!
  5. etech

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    I thought you were done with help desk jobs ? and didnt wanted to do this anymore and were looking into something better. anyway if its a gov job I guess its different.

    best of luck.
  6. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Thanks everyone !

    I am really happy to have landed a job with the goverment I wanted to work for the gov for a long time and I finally got my shot!


    I wasnt going to take another help desk job but this is level 2 and for the gov enormous room for advancement if it were in the private sector I would have continued to look for other employment but thanks for your support anyway!!

    Thanks agian everybody for your support, good luck on all your endevors!!!
  7. The CAT

    The CAT New Member

    Congratulations!!!!! I see their decision as logical. If your going to frown upon AIU, they might as well frown upon CUNY. Both schools are accredited and legitimate. If anything CUNY and NY Educational systems are a mess politically right now anyway. AIU has more stability in their system then NY will ever have!!!!
    Also I have known people who graduated from Princeton and Yale and school status doesn't equate intelligence and motivation.
    good luck on your new job!!!!!!!!!
  8. StevenKing

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    Congrats, Codekiller!

    What are you moving on to now in DL?

    Steven King
  9. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Thanks cat and Steven_king

    I appreciate all the support ! Cat I dont know really I am caught between 2 thoughts . I have been looking at tui school for quite some time know and I really do want to get a degree in computer science but I also want to move on to a master program too! not really sure but I have pretty much made my mind up not to do another accelerated program ! it takes up to much time and I rather relax and learn than push myself to learn something in 5 weeks that a lot of people have a problem learning in 5 months.

    Some of the school's I have been looking at

    RIT (alot strong program)
    Drexel**(good it program)
    Illinois institute of technology
    university of Illinois
    Norwich University
  10. The CAT

    The CAT New Member

    I guess decisions take time so do that!!! On the other hand I am a "the cup is half full" kind of person so I choose to focus on the positive work you have done, looking at the negative of being unsure of the future not as great as those positive strides you have made.

    You have your degree, it's a school that nobody here would call a "mill" and is considered by all as legitimate, including our school system. That proves you are legit and had to work for your achievement. Anyone who looks upon you or your school as fake or fraudulent can go fly a kite in my opinion, you deserve the accolades, take a bow!!!!!!

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