Judge approves warrant to probe GOOGLE search for ENTIRE TOWN

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    Author: Miguel Otárola

    Google is fighting a search warrant from Edina police to collect information about any resident who did a Google search with any variations of a resident’s name because detectives want to know who stole $28,500. Google is also ordered to provide their Social Security numbers and account information.

    “This kind of warrant is closer to dragnet searches that the Fourth Amendment is designed to prevent,” said William McGeveran, a law professor.

    The warrant is based on a definition of probable cause that could set a troubling precedent. It was issued by Hennepin County District Judge Gary Larson.

    A spokesperson for Google said: “We object to this overreaching request for user information and, if need be, we will fight the warrant in court.”

    Hennepin County District Judge Gary Larson:
    Minnesota Judicial Branch - Bio

    Edna Police Department:
    City of Edina, Minnesota

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