Jonathan Edwards loses hometown

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Splas, Nov 3, 2004.

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    Today in my local paper The Pilot (covers Moore County, NC which is the county the city of Robbins is in) it states that Jonathan Edwards failed to carry his own itty bitty, tiny hometown in Robbins, NC where his parents live.

    The vote total in Robbins was

    506 Bush/Cheney
    191 Kerry/ Edwards

    Source:Moore County Elections

    Wow! Kerry picked a horrid Vice Presidential Canidate...and I should know, I'm from North Carolina. Had Edwards run against Richard Burr for Senate, Burr would have beaten him by more than 15% easy, maybe even 20%.

    Edwards did absolutely nothing for Kerry and is probably a big reason why Kerry lost.

    Rural states and most states in gerneral don't like ambulance chasers...... um wait, didn't we know that already :).

    I'm so glad the people of this country were smart enough to never let me have to call Mr. Edwards, Mr. Vice President.....

    I love this country :D.

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